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Hannah Weisner

Hannah Shaffer was born and raised in South Carolina, with 3 siblings and wonderful parents. She graduated from Clemson University, has lived in Spain, Ecuador, California, and is currently living in New Zealand with her husband Charlie. She is passionate about Jesus, learning Spanish and loves a good book.

She owes a lot of who she is to what she's learned by traveling. It taught her that there is so much beauty and life to be found in doing the things that terrify you. That taking risks and trying new things and asking for help is the way to grow. Traveling taught her that chasing her dreams is important.

That is what she aims to do with her art; to push herself creatively - to be bold and to share pieces of herself with the world. To get messy, to make mistakes, but to never be too scared to take the jump. Her hope is that her work will inspire this messy, beautiful, exciting adventure inside of everyone. That we could take little steps and giant leaps together in this wonderful world we get to share.