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Patterdale , By Meredith Howse

Sale price$2,800.00 AUD
Painting Details
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
  • Size: Artwork dimensions 150W x 90H x 3.5D cm
  • Framed dimensions 152.5W x 92.5H x 5.5D cm
  • Framed in a natural wood floating frame.
Painting Symbolism
'Patterdale' by Meredith Howse is a breathtaking artwork that captures the enchanting beauty of the Lake District in England. This expansive artwork invites viewers into a mesmerising panorama of nature's grandeur.
The painting depicts the undulating mountains of Kirkstone Pass, where there are rolling hills, and serene lakes. The mountains dominate the scene, casting shadows that lean over into the canvas, conveying the sheer size and majesty of these natural wonders. The narrow road winding through the terrain leads your eye to Brothers Water and adds a touch of human presence, emphasising the coexistence of civilisation within the pristine wilderness.
The play of light and shadow enhances the depth and drama of the scene.
The colours are a symphony of greens, greys, and pinks, blended to evoke the ever-changing moods of the Lake District. The lush greens of the hills, the subtle greys of the mountains, and the soft pinks of the clouds contribute to the overall harmony of the composition.
'Patterdale' comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, affirming the legitimacy and provenance.

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Patterdale , By Meredith Howse Sale price$2,800.00 AUD