What Are Fine Art Giclee Prints?

What Are Fine Art Giclee Prints

Fine art giclee prints are reprints or reproductions of an artists original work whether it be a hand-painting, digital illustration or photograph. In a digital age, the artists could choose to create reproductions of original artwork so that many people get the opportunity to appreciate the artworks, instead of the only one who purchase the original artwork.

How Are Fine Art Giclee Prints Created

Giclee is a French term that means 'to spray', which refers to the way an inkjet printer works and how fine art giclee prints are produced.

Fine art giclee prints are made using high-quality archival inks on fine art papers or canvas with a high-resolution large format printers. These large format inkjet printers use small spraying devices that can both match colour and apply ink precisely, giving artists a high-quality print of their original art. The materials and technics used capture the artists original artworks' smooth tones, richness, vibrancy, sharp detail and high-intensity colours. 

Custom Made To Fit In Any Spaces

Producing art prints allow people to customise the size and frame option, sometimes even colours! It is annoying when you fall in love with an artwork but it's too big or small for the space your are going to hang them. Sometimes you want a colour altered version so that it goes with your interior and decor around. These are all possible with Gioia's art prints.


    Widely Used For Archival Art

    The combination of materials and printing methods creates a print that will last hundreds of years without showing any signs of fading, discolouration or cracking. Museums and galleries today throughout the world recognise the value and benefits of Giclee prints such as greater depth, detail and colour. 

    Fine Art Giclee Prints At Gioia Wall Art

    Gioia Wall Art has a growing collection of fine art giclee prints which are created by passionate and renowned artists from Australia and around the world.

    As you have just learnt, not all inkjet printers produce giclee prints. It all boils down to these four elements: resolution, ink, paper, and printer type. Here are Gioia, we get all the elements covered -  high resolution of art images sourced from artists or produced by our scanner; fine art paper,; and the best-of-its-kind large format inkjet printer holding 12 ink cartridges.

    We proudly product the highest gallery quality fine art prints, hence we earned so many compliments on the quality. If any other questions, please feel free to contact us, our expert from Gioia team would be more than happy to assist.