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Girls Wallpaper

Often, when people think of wallpaper they think of bold prints or outlandish designs that will really draw the eye. However, did you know that removable wallpaper comes in all sorts of designs and prints, even those that are made to look like interior styles or trends – at a fraction of the cost?

Here at Gioia, we offer a range of temporary wallpaper in various styles that appear like other textured interior styles, such as marbled, linen, concrete, and even wood panel.

Our temporary textured wallpaper collection is an amazing alternative for when you’re not able to make permanent changes to your home. Replicating the real appearance of these styles, you can transform the total look and feel of your home in less time and actually do it yourself.

Our entire collection of textured and plain removable wallpaper is available to shop from anywhere in Australia too, so if you’re looking for an affordable, fun, and renter-friendly way to give your home a bit of a makeover, then shop with us today for affordable, temporary wallpaper.