To Frame or Not to Frame - Wall Art 101

It can be difficult enough having to choose the perfect wall art print to suit your space, budget and style, without having to worry about whether or not to frame your new artwork. 

No need to fret, there are positives to both framing and keeping the artwork unframed, so you really can’t go wrong!  Keep reading to understand the pros and cons of each option and make an educated decision for the best possible wall art set up for you.

Framed Wall Art

On the one hand, framing your wall art print won’t only provide some protection from dust, accidental bumping and other elements, but it will also give it a finished, high end look. 

In general, we recommend framing your wall art prints if:

  • Other artwork in the space is framed to create a cohesive look within the room and avoid any odd mismatching.
  • You want to enhance the piece and make it a real eye-stopper with a beautiful shadow box frame or a poster frame with a white border topped with acrylic glass.
  • You prefer a polished and finished look to your home decor; where this may be less desirable in a boho-style home, modern, nautical and classic interiors will be elevated with framed wall art prints.
  • You are planning on hanging the wall art print in a room which contains high moisture, such as your bathroom or kitchen - a frame topped with acrylic glass will add a layer of protection to the print to avoid any moisture damage; if this is the case, we also suggest opting for a framed canvas rather than poster, as the moisture can get through and damage the paper on which the poster has been printed.
  • Your wall art print is a poster rather than canvas; hanging posters on walls without frames will require adhesive agents such as tack or wall velcro strips, which can damage the paper overtime.
  • The print doesn’t quite match the style of the room; it’s okay to purchase a print that you really love but might not exactly match the vibe of the space you want to hang it in - choose the right frame to suit the space, and we guarantee the piece will look perfect.

Wall Art Without Frame

On the other hand, framing your wall art prints can be costly and isn’t necessary in achieving stylish and trendy interior design. 

If you’re not sure about wanting to frame your wall art, we recommend keeping the piece unframed if:

  • The piece is on canvas and the image wraps all the way around the edges of the canvas stretcher; keeping these wall art pieces unframed gives depth to the artwork and allows for it to be seen from every angle.
  • You’re working with sets of two or three; these are meant to work together and flow as one large piece, so separating them with frames can at times look jarring.
  • You’re working with a low budget; as a rule of thumb, if you’re going to spend $100, get the larger version of the wall art print and let it speak for itself, unframed on your wall.
  • You want to create a boho-style setting with a mix-and-match feel; if some of your wall art is framed, keep your new piece unframed to infuse some eclecticism into the space.