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Article: Wall Art Gift Guide

Wall Art Gift Guide

Wall Art Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be a challenging and daunting task for any gift giver - but it doesn’t have to be. A wall art print is the perfect present for anyone and any occasion, and at Gioia, we have something to suit any taste and style. 

Follow this guide to buying the perfect wall art print and purchase the best, most unique and personal gift you’ve ever given. 

1.Consider the Receiver

Our biggest recommendation? Only buy a wall art print for someone you are close with. Wall art is very personal, so knowing the person you’re gifting well enough to know their taste, preferences and interior design style is pivotal to ensuring you purchase the perfect gift.

Think of something the receiver loves, what their home design and theme is and go from there. For someone who enjoys the great outdoors, going on hikes and being at one with nature, choose a landscape piece to bring their passion into their home. 

If shopping for a modern style enthusiast, opt for an abstract painting that will elevate their space and give it that extreme modern interior edge. 

Does the receiver dream of escaping to their favourite cities in the world? Bring those cities to them with the jaw-dropping Rome vintage city poster and for some European flair, or explore more dream destinations in our Fashion and Cities collection.  

For the classic art enthusiast, shop our wide range of world renown artist’s wall art prints, such as Klimt, Kahlo, Matisse, Van Gogh and more.


2.Think of the Space

Although an extra large wall art print might be an impressive and generous gift, consider the space in which the received lives - as well as what they might currently have on their walls - before purchasing a 2 metre-long print. 

Choose a wall print size which would suit any space in their home, is versatile to hang in any room and can easily be transported if they decide to move homes. If they are renting, consider getting an unframed print to avoid excess weight.

For more information on choosing the right wall art size for any space, click here.

3. Keep to a Colour Palette

When purchasing the perfect wall art print gift, think about the style and colour scheme of the receiver’s home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to get a feel of the vibe they’re going for to ensure your gift aesthetically suits their space.

Once you’ve figured out their overall interior colour palette, make an informed decision - our Gioia store allows you to shop by colour to make things nice and easy for you:

4. Elevate With A Frame

A good frame will always elevate any wall art print - making a $100 print seem ten times its price. 

When choosing a frame, consider the style of the rooms in which the recipient might place the print as well as the artwork itself.  Head to our article on how to pick the right frame for any artwork for more information.

5. Make it Personal

With free gift wrapping and a personalised message when checking out at Gioia, take your gift to the next level by adding a personalised touch. 

Take the time to research the artist, destination or overall theme of the wall art print you purchase and write a note about how the artwork reminds you of its recipient. 

Add some of the information you’ve learnt about the print to show how much care and thought you’ve put into the gift and give it that extra special touch. 

6. Wedding / Anniversary Gifts

For extra special occasions, like a wedding or anniversary, opt for a romantic and sentimental piece. 

As a wedding gift, choose a beautiful photo of the spouses-to-be and get it printed onto a large canvas via Gioia’s custom print service and make their day even more special with a portrait that represents their love.

For an anniversary present, opt for a photo that is anecdotal and brings back fond memories - whether that be your honeymoon destination, a photo of your children, pets, the first house you bought, or an adorable couple selfie. 

If having to go through your photo library to create a custom print is too daunting of a task, opt for one of our amazing Perfect Pair prints - these symbolise two separate individuals that, when put together, make a perfect whole. 

If your still in doubt we have you covered, there always is that handy option of a gift card!

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