How To choose The Right Frame


With so many options to choose from, should you go Framed Canvas or Stretched Canvas? Is Framed Poster a better option perhaps? We understand it can all get a bit overwhelming when spoilt for choice!  But not to worry, once you’ve read through a few of our handy tips on how to choose the right frame for your artwork, you are sure to feel confident in your choices!

The best decision is an informed decision, so the best place to start is by explaining each option and its features:

Framed Canvas:


Framed Canvas prints are a great option if you are needing a modern upscale look, especially with the wooden Shadow Box Frame it makes the print appear more real and draws your attention inward! It does not exhibit any glare or reflection and it can be hung in semi-humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Canvas naturally has texture and creates a 'painted' affect when printed on. If you are thinking of purchasing a print that is of a painting or has ‘brush strokes’ and then a canvas print will be better suited.  A lot of the time the original artist has painted on a textured surface such as canvas, so  in order to achieve the best result it only makes sense to print on canvas! Our Framed Canvas is Giclee Printed on 320 gsm premium canvas and then stretched to a 3cm wooden stretcher. It is mounted to a shadow box frame which leaves a 5mm gap between the frame and the print, which creates the floating affect and really makes the artwork stand out! The timber mouldings are 4.5cm thick with the hanging wire pre installed and ready to hang!   Below you can see how our hanging wire is installed on the back of our prints



Stretched Canvas:



Stretched canvas can be a great option if you are wanting something that could suit any colour scheme. It gives that flexibility with decor as it does not have an outside frame there are no limitations with frame colour, it is purely based on the actually prints colourings. Similarly to the Framed Canvas, Stretched Canvas prints can withstand humid atmospheres such as bathrooms and kitchens. It can be a very impactful option, as it is produced without an outer frame this means the print spans across the whole canvas including the sides! Stretched Canvas is also an economical choice, no framing means the cost is less than other options. Our Stretched Canvas is Giclee Printed on 320 gsm premium canvas and then stretched and gallery wrapped around a 3cm wooden stretcher. With the hanging wire pre installed and ready to hang! 


Framed Poster



If you are the type that sides toward the traditional look then Framed Poster is a better fit. Framed Posters are also great for  Photography prints due to the smooth surface of paper it is able to display those crisp fine details, especially black and white prints! Our Framed Canvas is Giclee printed on 180 gsm matte archival art paper. Then it is framed with 4cm thick timber mouldings  with a frontal measurement of 2cm. And finally it is topped with acrylic, not glass or perspex with hanging wire pre installed and ready to hang!



All three options have the ability to do wonders to your space!  At the end of the day it is all personal preference and the goal is to have your frame accentuate and compliment not only the art but also your space.
If you still have doubts and need an extra hand, we are more than happy to help you through the decision making process with our Free Wall Art Styling Consultations available we are confident that you will make the right choice with your frame!



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