Choose The Right Frame Colour

Frame colour is such an important aspect when selecting a piece of Wall Art, it should be a feature that compliments not only the artwork but also your space.  The most important thing you will need to remember when choosing your frame colour is to never let the frame overshadow the art work. You also don't want to over do it and try to match specific colours in your print to the frame colour either. Instead, consider the overall tone of the artwork when selecting a frame. 

A general rule is to select a lighter frame for casual or simple art and choose a darker frame for more elegant or formal pieces. 



As you can see the black frame around this boho/coastal print is just a tad too harsh, especially with the colours of the print being neutral and soft this is where your focus should be, not the frame. The oak frame on the other hand doesn't draw any focus away from what makes this print beautiful! The frame is light and compliments the wooden chairs and wall unit.. Coastal pieces tend to feel peaceful and tranquil and most of the time the colours featured are neutral, earthy tones and so a lighter frame just tends to work best with this type of print, alternatively white works just as well!  

It just shows how the correct frame colour can compliment a piece, but when done incorrectly can be a distraction from the artwork itself:



Another factor you will need to consider is whether the frame colour works with your decor. if you have accents of black in your space, a black framed print would fit in seamlessly. Similarly if you have a coastal feel with lots of natural colours and textures, then the oak could be the way to go! And sometimes you can integrate any of the three colour options into your space, it is all dependant on the style you are trying to achieve.


And here is an example of how framing can compliment your decor and furniture. As you can see the black steal legs of the console are perfectly complimented by the black framing! Whereas in the first image the black framing wouldn't  have worked in that space as well and would appear too intense.  Simply switching to an oak colour frame softens the look and compliments the decors relaxed feel. It's just goes to show how the same exact print with a different frame colour, can work seamlessly into two completely different spaces.  The frame  truly does tie the look together!



Some artworks can be very versatile and work with virtually any frame colour! The deciding factor in this case would then be which colour is more so going to fit in with your space and your furniture /decor. 




Now you are all experts in frame colour we are confident you will make the right choice when shopping for your next print! If you are still in need of a little extra advice feel free to Contact Us! Or take advantage of our Free styling Consultations which is perfect for those who need some suggestions sent which are tailored to their space.