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All Wall Art Sets

Sometimes things are better in sets - artwork included. So, instead of picking one piece of wall art, why not grab a pair of prints or a set of 3 wall art?

At Gioia, we’ve curated a beautiful collection of wall art print sets in all sorts of styles and split canvases. Some of the art print styles you can get in a set include:

·         Abstract Art Sets

·         Figures and Fashion Sets

·         Animal Art Sets

·         Floral Art Sets

·         Photography Print Sets

·         Botanical Art Sets

These are only some of the styles of art sets you can get at Gioia.

Our sets of 3 piece wall art are available in canvas prints and art paper posters. Interestingly, you can shop for canvas prints and other artwork in a wide variety of sizes. You can also get these in three great sizes. Smaller sizes are great for creating a gallery wall while large and extra-large sizes are great for making a statement.

Our abstract artworks are available in pairs, sets of 3, 4, or more. You can even buy multiple sets of prints to complement one another. The options for canvas prints are endless at Gioia.