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Valerie Smith

Buy Valerie Smith Indigenous Wall Art Australia

In the world of art, every brushstroke tells a story. For Valerie Smith, a proud Bundjalung woman from the Widjabul people of Lismore, NSW, her art is more than just a medium—it’s an embodiment of her journey, resilience, and spirit.

Born into a large family of 16 and being a mother to four children, Valerie has always been surrounded by the energy and dynamism of a bustling household. Her career as a primary school teacher spanning 13 years is a testament to her dedication and passion for nurturing young minds. Yet, amidst her roles as an educator, mother, and member of the community, Valerie has always cherished her personal sanctuaries: early morning walks to greet the dawn, capturing the world through the lens of her camera, and most recently, the canvas and paint.

It was the devastating Lismore floods that nudged Valerie towards her newest passion: painting. Faced with the shattered landscapes and spirits of her beloved community, Valerie sought an outlet for her overwhelming emotions. Photography, her usual refuge, seemed inadequate to capture the depth of her feelings. So, she turned to the canvas. Self-taught and ever curious, Valerie has been exploring various styles and textures, finding her voice and healing through vibrant hues and evocative imagery.

Our collection at Gioia Wall Art is enriched by the works of artists like Valerie Smith. Her paintings don't merely adorn a space; they narrate tales of recovery, hope, and the inexorable human spirit. Through her art, Valerie invites us all to share in her journey of rediscovery and rejuvenation post the Lismore floods.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Valerie Smith, to experience the stories, emotions, and vibrant tapestry of life painted by a woman of resilience, strength, and immense talent. Each piece stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Bundjalung people and the personal metamorphosis of an inspiring artist.

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