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Animal Wallpaper

Add a touch of fun to any room of your home with removable animal-inspired wallpaper. Whether you’re looking for wallpaper that features animals, animal prints or is inspired by animals, we’ve got something that will work for you.

Animal wallpaper can be a fun way to add some life and excitement to any area of your home. You can be inspired by your favourite animal or decorate your child’s bedroom or nursery with their favourite animal wallpaper print.

Our collection of temporary wallpaper is perfect for updating the home as it’s a long-lasting but not permanent way to change things up. So, whether you’re a renter or a little a home owner that is  a little indecisive, you don’t need to worry about the permanent commitment that comes with traditional wallpaper or paint.

Removable wallpaper won’t cause any damage and it gives you the freedom to make changes to your home as you wish.

If you’re looking for animal print wallpaper, you’ve found yourself in the right place, because here at Gioia, we’ve got what you need.