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Louise O'Hara

Louise O'Hara is a mixed media artist from Cheshire, England whose collection has graced galleries across the UK, garnering widespread admiration. Her home studio is filled with an assortment of ephemera, vintage fabrics, typewriters, sewing machines, threads, hand-painted papers, and books in which her artwork draws creative inspiration from. During her pursuit of a Masters Degree in Fashion and Textiles, she encountered the captivating concept of 'wabi-sabi,' which focuses on the beauty found in imperfections. Her artistic process involves capturing traces of the past as a way to layer her artwork with a sense of history and depth. As a mixed media artist, each artwork is created by collaging fabrics and papers, hand stitching and drawing. Her adept use of collage and stitching helps to bind the layers together and create a sense of nostalgia with the use of vintage and other discarded items. Her creative passion is eloquently summed up by her four cherished words; trace, absence, imperfection, and serendipity.