Our Story

Gioia wall art was found by a couple who are passionate about home decoration.

After moving from Perth to Melbourne, we had found a gap in the market whilst looking for attractive and affordable wall decor. We discovered that furniture stores offered only a handful of designs, making it incredibly difficult to personalise a modern space. Wall art plays a vital role in decorating an interior, it’s not just about filling in a blank wall space. Wall decor can help soften sterile and contemporary spaces by bringing personality, interest and intimacy to a family home. With options so limited in the market, it made an essential part of decorating a home unnecessarily challenging. That’s when we decided to step in and provide families with a beautiful online gallery, containing an immense selection of high quality and affordable wall decor to complement a diverse range of interiors. 

With the team growing, we are able to build a large catalogue and provide wall art for any spaces - family homes, offices and commercial spaces.


Behind the name Gioia

The word "gioia" is from Italian, which means joy. We are in love with the art atmosphere in Italy, and the food, too. The work of hunting for beautiful wall arts brings so much aesthetic pleasure. We are lucky enough to do jobs that we enjoy. Gioia is the word just perfect for this business.