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Measurement And Weight

The sizes are all finish sizes. 

Take 70x100cm Framed Canvas for example. The size is finish size including frame.

Set’s sizes are each individual pieces’ size.

Here is an example of Set Of 2 sized 70x100cm.

The same size option used for Landscape and Portrait wall art.

Refer to the 2 samples above, one is in Landscape orientation and the other is Portrait. They are both sized 70x100cm, instead of 70x100cm & 100x70cm.

How much does a wall art print weigh?


Framed Canvas or poster  (approximately)

Stretched Canvas

40x60cm 2kg 1kg
40x80cm 2.4kg 1.2kg
50x70cm 2.4kg 1.2kg
50x100cm 3kg 1.5kg
60x90cm 3kg 1.5kg
60x120cm 3.6kg 1.8kg
70x100cm 3.4kg 1.7kg
70x130cm 4kg 2kg
70x140cm 4.2kg 2.1kg
80x120cm 4kg 2kg
90x135cm 4.5kg 2.25kg
100x150cm 5kg 2.5kg
120x180cm 6kg 3kg
50x50cm 2kg 1kg
60x60cm 2.4kg 1.2kg
70x70cm 2.8kg 1.4kg
80x80cm 3.2kg 1.6kg
90x90cm 3.6kg 1.8kg
100x100cm 4kg 2kg
120x120cm 4.8kg 2.4kg
130x130cm 5.2kg 2.6kg
140x140cm 5.6kg 2.8kg
150x150cm 6kg 3kg