Bring the Outside in with Landscape & Nature Inspired Art

Whether you love spending time outdoors or you’re looking for a new way to add interest and decorate, art inspired by nature and the great outdoors is an amazing way to breathe new life into your home.

Nature wall art can work with any interior design theme, it can be inspired by places that mean something to you, it can also reflect your interests and hobbies, and it is a stunning way to add a personal touch to your home.

There’s also so many different styles of art that depict nature, so no matter your tastes, you’re bound to find something you’ll love.

And to help you, we’ve put together some information about the different styles of nature themed art and we’ve even picked out some of our favourite nature inspired wall art prints too. So, keep reading if you’re in the market for some nature art.

But first, Why Nature Art?

What is more beautiful than the landscapes, coastlines, plants, flowers, and the general outdoors? Even the grinchiest person of them all would still have a soft spot for some element of their environment. So, why wouldn’t you want to see this every day in your home.

Wall art is a great way to bring nature into your daily life – it doesn’t really require any maintenance, you don’t need to go anywhere, and no matter what your interests in nature are, there is going to be a print or painting that you’re going to love.

Nature wall art also has an amazing ability to bathe its admirers in a sense of calm – and when added to any room of your home, it will set a relaxed tone.  

Nature Wall Art in Lots of Styles

There is no limit to the kinds of wall art you can find that depicts the beauty of nature. So many of us are inspired by the natural world around us. Here are some of the incredible styles of art that depict nature.

Drawings and sketches

Whether the image has been created from memory or while looking at the inspiration, a nature inspired drawing or sketch has a personal feel, where you’re seeing what the artist sees and how they have interpreted the world around them.

The beauty of this style of art is that it might be black and white, it might even be a grey lead sketch pencil and paper drawing, or it might be full colour.


Nature has always been a huge inspiration for many of the world’s most renowned artists, for example:

Monet painted landscapes and gardens in his impressionist style.

Van Gogh also painted gardens and landscapes, as well as still life styled flowers.

Klimt thoughtfully painted colourful gardens, flowers, and trees.

Frida Kahlo was known for her self-portraits, which almost always included plants and flowers.

Edward Hopper is known for his realist paintings that depict people in real life situations, however, these often-had landscapes and nature incorporated.

Nature paintings have an incredible ability to add a whimsical element to real life nature depictions, making them completely alluring. Add a touch of abstract to your nature paintings and you have a centrepiece in any room.


One of the most popular mediums for capturing nature, nature photography is an amazing way to bring nature inspired art into your home. Whether it’s up-close photos of flowers or plants or a panoramic view of a gorgeous destination, photography finds the detail that we can’t see with just our eyes along and holds it there for us to marvel until the end of time.

Indigenous Art

A unique way to bring nature inspired art into your home is with indigenous wall art paintings. Indigenous art tells a story, and most often that story will be about the way of life of a person, family, or tribe and their interaction with the real world.

While the art may be more abstract in presentation, the story is inspired by nature.

Our Favourite Nature Wall Art

Nature wall art comes in lots of different forms, not only in medium but also in subject. Whether it’s an abstract painting or a photography, there’s something that will catch your eye and your heart when it comes to our collection of nature inspired artworks.

Here are some of our favourite styles and categories of art inspired by nature and the real world.

Farm and Countryside Inspired Art

Across the Estuary by Louise O’Hara


Aussie Native Plants and Flowers Inspired Art

Dried Native Florals Set of 2


Landscape Inspired Wall Art

A Quiet Adventure by Lia Nell


Floral Art

A Family of Blooms


Frida Kahlo Paintings

Self Portrait with Bonito


Botanical Art

Pastel Cactus and Succulents


Ocean and Coastal Art

At the Ocean by Ieva Baklane


Coastal Abstract Art

Forever Possibilities Set of 2


Nature and Landscape Photography

Afternoon Walk on Byron Bay


Van Gogh Nature Art

Flower Beds in Holland


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