Extra Large Wall Art - How to Supersize & Elevate Your Home Décor

In the last few years, extra large wall art has quickly become the new interior design trend - one that is definitely here to stay, according to many interior design gurus.

Large or oversized wall art creates a focal point in your home, and can help pull together a theme for your entire space.

If you're wondering how you can add an oversized wall art print to your home, here are our top tips.

Keep reading to supersize and elevate your home décor with extra large wall art.  

Make a Statement on an Empty Wall

That large, bland empty wall is just waiting for the perfect wall art. An extra large piece of wall art might feel hard to overwhelming to add to your space, but sometimes it is that perfect piece that is missing.

Wall art can be used to create a focal point. It could add a pop of colour to your lounge, kitchen, or dining room. Abstract brushstrokes, a striking black and white photographic image, or landscape inspired art, whatever your choice of print, oversized framed prints have the power to draw the eye and truly liven up any space.

Whether your home is modern or traditional in style, an extra large wall art print hanging either vertically or horizontally, above your couch or on a tall narrow wall, is a great way to incorporate it in your space.

Oversized wall art can be for absolutely any room in your home - just check out the Kiss Line Drawing print. This hanging above your bed ties the space together and creates a romantic atmosphere.



Or if you're into fine art and classic artists, then why not opt for a print of a well-known artist or painting? You can make a statement with an oversized print of Monet's masterpiece Field of Yellow Irises.


Why Stop at One? Opt for a Trio of Prints!

What's better than one print? A print set!

You can bring any room to life with a set of 3 wall art prints which, put together, create one amazing extra large image sure to be a conversation starter.

Our Dawn Over the Mountains 3 piece wall art print set over your sofa or in your guest bedroom is a great way to instill a sense of warmth, welcoming and comfort into your home.


Keep your kids captivated in their bedroom or nursery with a soft triptych set. It can make the room feel welcoming and playful for your children.

In a kids’ room or nursery, opt for a soft triptych that will make the room feel playful and welcoming for your children. Infuse some Australian themed ideas into your kids room with the Eucalyptus Leaves with Golden Twigs set of 3 - just beware, your children might never come out of their room again!


Let your Art Dictate the Room’s Colour Palette 

If you're in a renovation phase or decorating a new home, instead of looking for art to match the room, why not flip the process?

If you've found a piece that you love, your extra large wall art print centrepiece can be used sa your starting point for your home interior design. Use the colour palette of your art to decorate your home.

This is an amazing way to create harmony throughout your home and means that you can have any piece of wall art in your home.

Why not try infusing a little bit of unique flair within your home and opt for a less-seen colour palette with our Navy and Burnt Orange Abstract? Position a statement burnt orange L-shaped couch directly under the print and finish the look with some navy throws, a navy rug and hints of black white throughout the room.

If your home has a beach house or boho vibe, perhaps the neutral tones of the classic Pampas Bunch oversized wall art print is for you?

This classic look still packs a punch, and above a rattan console table, decorated with dried blooms, a beautiful candle and an elegant coffee table book, this look won't date any time soon.


Bring the Outdoors In

If your space is lacking liveliness and freshness, or perhaps you dream of a tropical escape, bring brightness and a bit of greenery back into the room with extra large botanical prints for your walls. 

Design a jungle scene in your lounge room with our extra large Tropical Leaves wall art print. Combine this print with luscious green plants, jute rugs, rattan furniture and comfortable floor cushions for a completely natural and totally stylish look.


Bring your dream view to your bedroom with one of our many photography prints - from gorgeous ocean sunrises to winter scenes, famous landmarks to nature inspired landscapes, you can use your wall art to take yourself on a trip all from the comfort of your own home.

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