Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow - How to Style Your Home with Pantone Colours of the Year 2021

As all design connoisseurs know all too well, that the Pantone Colour of the Year release is a much anticipated moment - it aims to capture and inspire the mood of the year ahead and dictates the styling hues to feature within your wardrobe, home and lifestyle.

In 2021, the authority has announced not one, but two Pantone Colours of the Year; the beautifully contrasting “Ultimate Grey” and “Illuminating Yellow”, which Pantone describes as “a marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.” This definitely seems appropriate considering what 2020 threw at us!

From feature walls and kitchen cabinetry to floral centrepieces and bed linens, follow our ultimate guide to style your home with Pantone Colours of the Year 2021.

Bring your Walls to Life

Update your space and give it a new and refreshed look with some Pantone 2021 hues. 

For a versatile look, paint all four walls grey and infuse some pops of yellow with our Abstract Art Grey and Yellow print  or our Abstract Geometric Shapes In Yellow to make the room vibrant, stylish and inviting.  


To create an impressive feature wall, paint it yellow and add a piece of Extra Large Wall Art to tie the whole room together.

Replace your kitchen backsplash to feature Pantone “Illuminating Yellow” and paint your cabinetry grey to finish the updated look.

In your bathroom, swap your old tiling for extra-large Pantone “Ultimate Grey” tiles and a top-to-bottom yellow feature wall to give the room some modern flair.

 Make a Bold Statement

If updating the walls is too much of a commitment, make a bold statement by infusing Pantone Colours of the Year 2021 into new furniture that is versatile enough to change with the seasons.

Update your lounge suite with a large yellow couch and matching yellow armchairs, styled with grey cushions, throws and a grey rug to tie your 2021 living space together. 

Update Your Tableware

From table linens to cutlery, bring 2021 vibes to all your dinner parties and impress your guests with updated and on trend tableware.

Dress the table with a simple and elegant grey table cloth and matching serviettes. Add splashes of colour with matching yellow plates, serving platters and salad bowls. Infuse some liveliness and finish up the whole table decor with a fresh yellow floral centrepiece such as peonies and hydrangeas.  

Take it to the Bedroom

Revamp your bedroom with Pantone Colours of the Year 2021 and make it a space you actually want to spend time in with both colours giving off warm and relaxing tones to help you unwind at the end of a busy day. Gone are the days of plain beige sheets and simple wooden furniture. 

Opt for gorgeous Pantone “Illuminating Yellow” bed linens and decorate the bed with fluffy, comfortable and inviting Pantone “Ultimate Grey” cushions and throws.

Paint your cupboard doors, chest of drawers, desk or vanity yellow to add some zing to the mundane and bring a textural element to the room with a grey plush rug.

Finish the whole room with some beautiful wall art - for a modern room, hang the Single Abstract Line, Set Of 3 prints above your bed. In a more classic bedroom, opt for the Magnolia print to create a beautiful and timeless feature wall.     

For a trendy outdoor area, paint your exterior walls grey and coat the front door and window trims in yellow paint. Passers by will undoubtedly stop to admire your stand-out home from the street.