13 Easy Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

Want to give your space a new, refreshed and improved look without having to break the bank? We’ve all been there. From upcycling furniture to DIY home decor, follow these simple tips to refresh your home decor on a budget. 

1. Declutter

It sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how freeing it is to get rid of all the extra “stuff” that you’ve accumulated throughout the years. 

Embrace your inner Marie Kondo and go through all your current home decor, wall hangings and knick-knacks, asking yourself whether or not each item brings you joy or is useful to you in any way. 

If not, put it in the “TOSS” pile and say out with the old and in with the new! You will feel so much more at ease with your new and improved blank canvas. 

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Hang a mirror on a wall to make any room look bigger. Whether you opt for a rectangle or square mirror, hang it on a wall directly opposite a window - this will not only make the room feel double its size, but it will also bring light in and brighten the entire space. 

If your budget is really tight, check out some antique shops near you - you’ll often get some great affordable finds. Paint over the mirror’s edges to give it a new look and voilà!

3. Bring the outdoors in

If you haven’t noticed how much house plants have taken off in the interior design world over the last few years, then it’s time we take you out from under your rock. 

House plants are not only great indoor air purifiers, they also make any interior feel fresh and lively. 

Head to your local nursery and opt for indoor plants of different sizes - from small succulents to large monsteras. 

If you’re going for a boho vibe, find some affordable rattan baskets to cover your pots. In a modern home, choose some simple pot holders to tie the whole space together. 

4. Feature walls

What better way to refresh a space than by adding some colour and vibrancy to the room? Deck out one of your walls with some bright paint or patterned wallpaper and set the tone for your new and improved home. 

For the trendiest colours of 2021 and some tips to style your home around them - including tips around creating the perfect feature wall - head to our Pantone Colours of the Year 2021 blog now.

5. Update your cushion covers and throws

If you’re wanting to update your home decor on a budget, you’re most likely not looking at buying a new couch - we get that, and we say “no need!”. 

Update the vibe of your lounge room with some new cushion covers and throws. From textures, patterns and sizes, give that couch a whole new life by styling around it! 

For a boho-chic vibe, choose some warm colours, aztec patterns and a mixture of plush and linen fabrics. In a modern home, opt for bold colours and geometrical prints to tie the whole space together.

6. Book side table 

This one is for the thrifty creatives who seek some wow factor in their updated home decor. If that’s you, then stop scrolling! 

Head to an antique shop and purchase 5-10 old books (or enough to measure the desired height of your DIY side table).  

Stack them on top of each other and secure them with Super Glue. Top the stack with a small round mirror, also secured with glue. And voilà! Your very own, super unique DIY book side table is done.

(source: Pinterest)

7. Recycle your glass bottles

Had a few wines with the girls over the weekend and have some beautiful glass bottles to throw in the recycling bin? We have another idea!  

Kill two birds with one stone and use empty glass bottles as the perfect home decor addition; use them as vases for freshly picked flowers or as candle holders to set the mood on a cosy evening at home.  

8. Hang some art on your walls!

Although redecorating with original artwork does not qualify as decorating on a budget, there are much more affordable ways to feature some breath-taking art in your home that won’t break the bank.  

Choose wall art prints that resonate with your style - whether you are an  an abstract art fan, want to hang some classic paintings from MonetMatisse or Picasso, or are keen for some triptychs that will get all your guests talking; Gioia Wall Art has wall art prints for everyone.

9. Revamp your old furniture

When looking to refresh your space on a budget, throwing out and replacing your furniture is the last thing you want to do. 

Refresh your old furniture and give it a new and improved look. Choose your desired colour palette and repaint wooden furniture to suit the style you’re going for.  

Get creative with decals to created patterned feature pieces, or add mirrors as table tops to create depth illusions throughout your home.  

10. Paint your cabinetry

In the same vain as refreshing old furniture, update your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to suit your home’s new style. 

Tie the whole home together by using the same colour palette as chosen for your updated furniture, or pick a theme for each room to create some variety throughout the house. 

11. DIY shelving 

Add layers and height to you walls with DIY shelving. Use a single wooden plank, drill some holes into its sides and pass some rope through to create some nautical-style wall shelves. 

Make your own DIY bookshelf by stacking old square boxes on top of each other. A secret expert tip: don’t glue the boxes together; this will allow you to change the layout of your bookshelf whenever you please!  

12. Put down a rug 

 Add cohesion to your space with a brand new rug - even on carpet! From jute rugs in boho-style homes to plush, comfy rugs in the bedroom, a rug will tie the whole room together, bringing texture, depth, warmth, comfort and a finished look to any space. 

In a space with a patterned feature wall, cushion covers or throws, opt for a simple rug to avoid overcrowding the space with too many designs. 

For rooms which are quite monotone or feature solid coloured-pieces, choose a patterned rug and add some playfulness and youth to the space.

13. Choose your lighting wisely

Update the entire room’s feel by changing lamp shades, swapping out old light bulbs and adding some mood lighting. 

Changing up your lamp shades is a budget-friendly way to refresh the feel of a space — choose lamp shades which suit and complement the vibe of the room. Add a bit of oomph to the space and choose a perforated lamp shade, creating a decorative pattern of light in the room. 

Swap white light bulbs for yellow globes - this will instantly give any room a much warmer and more inviting feel.

For those comfy nights in, hang some warm yellow fairy lights around your window and light some candles to create a cosy ambiance throughout the evening