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Article: Hamptons Style Interior Design - Everything You Need to Know

Hamptons Style Interior Design - Everything You Need to Know

Hamptons Style Interior Design - Everything You Need to Know

Taking the interior design world by storm, Hamptons style décor has been the trend on every styling guru’s lips over the last few years.

Inspired by the architecture and interior décor of New York City’s ever prestigious seaside destination where the Big Apple’s rich and famous flock to enjoy some coastal R&R, Hamptons style is known for its mix of neutral tones, whitewashed linens, natural textures and ocean-inspired hues.  

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of coastal holiday flair to a room or wanting to transform your whole house into a Hamptons style abode, follow these simple steps to achieve the ultimate coastal chic-inspired look in any space. 

Follow the Hamptons Style Colour Scheme

Reminiscent of luxury coastal getaways on the coast of Long Island, Hamptons style follows a specific colour scheme - think elevated seaside design.

Make white your home’s base colour. Paint your walls, floors and ceilings either crisp or off-white and bring colour to the room with accessories, soft furnishings, wall art, lamp shades, jute rugs and more.

Opt for neutral tones, coastal blues, turquoise, timber and rattan. Infuse some hints of greys, yellows and greens throughout; duck egg blue and mint green are essential to tying any Hamptons style home together.

Stick to Hamptons Style Fabrics

Keeping with the coastal-inspired vibe, stick to light and airy textures throughout your Hamptons style home or room.

Choose timber throughout the home, from floors and cabinetry to furniture and accessories. Add whitewashed linens, soft cotton and wool to layer natural textures within the space and elevate the decor to make it true to Hamptons style. 

Keep fabric tones in line with the Hamptons style colour scheme, with whites and neutral tones at the forefront of every piece. Add vibrancy and flair with striped cushion covers and throws.

Elevate your Hamptons Style Windows

Being that Hamptons homes are typically beachside havens, boasting ocean views from their floor-to-ceiling windows which let the seaside mist in through their gorgeous timber shutters, it is only natural that your Hamptons-inspired home should feature windows fit for the renowned style.

Give your home Hamptons style windows with gorgeous plantation shutters in white or light timber to match the space’s colour palette. Not only are plantation shutters the epitome of Hamptons window styling, they are also cost effective and provide you control of the light, ventilation and privacy you let into your home.

For a more typical coastal vibe still aligned with Hamptons styling guidelines, choose floor-to-ceiling curtains in neutral tones. In rooms which don’t require black-out curtains, such as our lounge room or office, choose light linen fabrics to create an airy vibe in the space. In your bedroom, opt for thicker curtains in Hamptons style colours.

Cook Up a Storm in your Hamptons Style Kitchen

Stay true to Hamptons style with a kitchen which exudes refinement and sophistication infused with a laid back feel which can only be found in a coastal haven.

Choose all white kitchen cabinetry - we suggest crisp white painted timber finishes - with feature areas such as open or glass panelled shelving. 

For kitchen counters or bench tops, keep to light-coloured marble, whitewashed engineered stone or crisp white laminate. Style with accessories in line with the Hamptons style colour palette - blue kettle or toaster, mason jars filled with neutral coloured foods, or even some gorgeous dried blooms would complement the room perfectly.

Give your Floors a Hamptons Style Refresh

Hamptons style interior design is nothing without its light-coloured floors which bring the beachy vibes in, so if you’re planning a full Hamptons-inspired remodel, don’t bypass a flooring revamp.

Choose pale timbers with grey undertones, pure white painted boards or whitewashed distressed timber flooring to achieve the effortless coastal and easy-living vibe which Hamptons Style exudes. 

Layer with rugs in natural fibres, such as jute, natural cotton or bleached wool. Washed out blues also work beautifully on Hamptons style timber floors, so add some specs of colour with floor cushions and hallway runners.

If carpet is more suitable for your lifestyle, look to natural tones and simple textures which evoke sandy shores and driftwood.

In your kitchen, bathroom or any room which requires tiled floors, opt for crisp white tiles. Add specs of Hamptons colours with accessories such as a blue or mint green mat to complement the room.

Decorate and Accessorise in Hamptons Style

Although Hamptons style focuses on whites and neutrals, infuse pops of colour within your home with accessories and home décor which tie the whole space together and create that authentic Hamptons-inspired look. 

First rule of thumb - cushions on cushions on cushions! Mix Hamptons style colours and textures such as linen, jute edges and mixed patterns to give depth and comfort to the room. 

Opt for ceramics in blue and white with patterns or light florals, geometric lattice and lace patterns to elevate your home and give it that effortless elegance that emanates from every true Hamptons abode. 

Think relaxed luxury resort with deep, overstuffed sofas covered in washable white or linen slipcover, or upholstered in pale neutrals. Choose timber side tables and sideboards or white painted wooden pieces to add extra dimension to your Hamptons style room. 

Add tray tables, cane or rattan armchairs and upholstered occasional chairs to make a statement in your space, accompanied by large indoor plants and large ornate mirrors to make your Hamptons style home sing.

Let There be Hamptons Style Light

Lighting and light fixtures are essential to creating a real ambiance in your Hamptons style home.  

For lamp shades, choose light-coloured linen finishes or give a bit more creative flair to the room with some light timber lamp shading. 

Make the lighting in every room dimmable to take the space from day to night and instantly create an intimate setting for any evening occasion.

Largely popular in Hamptons-inspired styling, add wall lights and sconces to softly light your interior, as direct lighting is too harsh for this particular style.

Most Importantly! Hamptons Style Wall Art

Pulling a Hamptons style home together relies on beautiful detailing throughout the home, including hanging high quality artwork on your walls.

Choose nature-inspired pieces which feature colours fitting to the Hamptons style colour palette and aesthetic, such as shades of blue or green and natural tones.

Bring nature into your Hamptons style home with floral wall art such as Hydrangea or Ginger Jars. Florals are a great option because they offer a sense of timelessness and have that effortless elegance which Hamptons style homes exude.  


Choose coastal-inspired prints such as extra large beach photographs like Sand Dune and Grass By The Beach or sea life such as Blue Shells Set of 4 Style A to really bring that beach essence into your Hamptons style home.  




Choose a white or oak frame to hang your new wall art prints and ensure your entire space exudes Hamptons style flair throughout. 

Discover our Hamptons Style wall art and give your home that coastal refresh you’ve been waiting for.

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