The 10 Botanical Print trends that are shaping 2021

The best way to add a burst of nature to your own interiors is with a few well placed botanical prints. For botanic lovers our there we have complied a list of the 10 Botanical Print trends that are shaping 2021. 

1. Abstract Wall Art Prints

The Fairy's Plate, Abstract Blossom Art, Style A

This trend is all about earthly palettes that celebrate the beauty of nature’s form. Bold abstracts give a better visual when presented as a large-size print in focus areas of rooms. 

Vibrant and bright prints can increase emphasis of different rooms and help to achieve the desired tone or mood for your living space. Complement abstract art with furniture and textiles in similar colour palettes to accentuate your wall art whilst creating a stylish cohesive space.

Flower Bomb Summer Gardens, Set of 2
Blue Banana Leaves On Marble Patter Background


2. Cacti Chic Wall Art

Watercolour Cactus
The cactus symbolises endurance as it is a plant that can stand up to the test of time and the elements, with the cactus flower representing maternal love because it can thrive in harsh conditions and therefore is symbolic of a mother's unconditional love.  

Versatile and flexible, Cacti provide sculptural form and texture to a space and have a way of catching the eye – whether your preference is for something more photorealistic or a watercolour depiction. Change up your décor without requiring a complete makeover; accessorise the space with a desert palette – timber furniture, pillows & throws, glassware and a real live little cactus of your own (it’s also a bonus they don’t need a ton of care to do well, just sunlight and a little water). 

    CactusAgave Cactus

    Bunny Ear Cactus, Watercolour Succulents, Set of 3

      3.  Floral Feature

    Dandelion, Style B
    Oversized botanical prints create a beautiful focal point  the dining room, living or lounge and also make a great addition to hallways. Colourful, graphic prints set the tone for the rest of the room’s colour scheme with minimal-style prints, helping to make a space appear less busy and cluttered.  
    Pink ChrysanthemumWhite Peony
    HydrangeaBrown Bare Branches, Tree Painting

    Pair botanical prints with rugs made from jute, sisal or natural fibres. Complement darker botanical prints with pinks, greens and metallics such as lamp fixtures and décor, and lighter prints with earthy tones and ceramics or blue, white and tan for a coastal vibe. Rattan furniture works well with oversized floral prints, or for more simple styling updates, experiment with different fabrics for your furnishings such as velvet, crochet, wool or linen for cushion covers and throws. 

     4.  Protea Profile

    White Protea

    Protea flower prints are extremely versatile, coming in a range of soft, warm on-trend yet timeless colours that are perfect for home styling. Whilst often assumed that proteas are Australian natives, they in fact hail from South Africa and symbolise beauty, strength and the ability to thrive under tough conditions. With striking goblet-shaped flowers, they put on a gorgeous display in the garden and have the same effect for interiors. 

    Protea Flower Protea Watercolour Painting
    Protea Blush, Set of 2Protea Obsession

    Protea prints, with their soft hues, work well in living rooms and bedrooms, helping to create calming environments and are accentuated well with whites, pinks and hints of green. Minimal décor styling works well with Protea prints and other minimalistic botanical prints, so don’t go overboard on styling, let the artwork do the work for you.  

     5.  Famous Florals

    Water Lillies, 1916-1919, by Monet

    Famous flower art can make your room bloom, and what is better than featuring a print from Monet, Van Gogh, Kahlo or Klimt without the million-dollar pricetag?! Throughout art history, flowers have been one of the most beloved subjects for painters. 

    Water Lilies, MonetSelf Portrait with Bonito, By Frida Kahlo
    Apple Tree, By Gustav KlimtVase with Irises \, Van Gogh

    Skip the flight to New York and a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (where the famous Still Life with Irises by Van Gogh resides) with your very own print. Painted while he was a patient at a psychiatric hospital in Saint-Rémy, this still-life is masterful in its use of bold, contrasting colours painted against a now-faded pink background meant to create a “soft and harmonious” atmosphere. We could go on forever about our collection of Classic Art with Big Names, but there’s no need -  so go frolic among the beautiful prints and browse for yourself.

     6.  Easy as 1 2 3
    Watercolour Plants, Set of 3

    What’s better than one botanical print? Three of course! Botanic prints and colours never really go out of style, so it’s worthwhile spending some time getting to know this trend, and try incorporating it into your home with some artwork that you connect with. 

    Dandelions, Set of 3Gray and Blush Romantic, Set of 3
    Billy Ball Painting, Set of 3Monstera Leaves, Banana Leaves and Palm Leaves, Set of 3

    A trio of prints stands out in dining, living and lounge rooms and can help freshen up the vibe in a room. Greens, palms, ferns and monstera work well in offices, studies and bedrooms adding vibrancy and bringing the outdoor beauty inside. The dynamic element of triptychs can ensure that wall art doesn’t go out of style with season; continuing from spring through autumn and adding some life to your space even in the dead of winter.  

     7.  Down Under Delights

    Eucalyptus Leaves with Golden Twigs, Set of 2, Style A

    With such a perfect blend of nostalgic and classic looks, florals are one of the easiest patterns to go alongside any vintage inspired décor and work well in contemporary settings, softening hard edges effortlessly. Bring the Australiana vibe to your space with wall art featuring native flora, from eucalyptus to wattle and banksia to bottlebrushes.

    Banksia and Wattle BouquetRed Bottlebrush, Style B, Australian Naive Flowers
    Kookaburra and Banksia, Set of 2Kookaburra and Eucalyptus, Set of 2

    Australiana botanical prints feature the always on-trend colour palette of soft-muted pinks and greens; pairing well with whites, greys, tans and wooden elements, as well as ceramics and natural fibres in throws and rugs.

     8.  Succulent Style
    Pastel Vintage Cactuses, Succulents,

    Stay with us here – a cactus is simply a succulent that can store moisture but is actually placed in a separate category, and conversely, not all succulents are cactus (slightly confusing right?) – hence succulent artwork deserves its own place in the trends of botanical wall art.

    Succulents and Flowers Succulents Hanging Basket
    Succulents And Monstera Leaves, Watercolour Painting StyleSucculents, Green, Purple And Blue, Watercolour

    Succulent wall art is growing ever popular due to its contrasting nature, providing an engaging and different perspective to the viewer. Typically in soft, muted tones, spruce up your space with succulent art that pairs well with a range of colours, tones and textures. Recently, bolder succulent prints are becoming the go-to choice for modern interiors, with vibrant colours complementing the interior design whilst adding an attractive focal point. 

     9. Dark Design
    White Magnolia Flowers, Set Of 2

    Perfect for adding softness to industrial styling, dark wall art or prints in black and white can help transform a space. Earthy tones in rooms are popular, and selecting a bold shade for wall art can help bring the space together. 

    Black Poppy Flowers, WatercolourBouquet And Hummingbird
    Black Palm Leaf, Set Of 2White magnolia flower, Style B

    Dark artwork can create negative space, saving you from completely remodelling the room and painting a dark, moody feature wall. Dark and bold wall art can make a statement like a feature wall, and the trick is to keep the space subtle and not overdo it with styling. Introduce colour to the room with accessories, cushions or a rug and let the artwork tie it all together.

     10.  Splash Out
    Breathe, Abstract Art, Watercolour Painting, Style C

    For a contemporary and cool look, watercolour botanical prints are the go-to choice; yet it’s important to know that watercolours aren’t just a trend. Watercolours are one of the oldest crowd-pleasers around with the style discovered by Western artists in the 1400s and, today, you’ll find watercolour prints across a vast spectrum of design genres and colours - from classic to contemporary, from pastels to brights.

    Breathe, Abstract Art, Watercolour Painting, Style BWatercolour Bouquet, Banksias,Protea Leaves, Eucalyptus, Parrot And Cockatoo, set of 2
    Floral twigs in breeze, Set Of 2String Of Pearls And Pilea Peperomioides, Set Of 2

    Predominantly featuring lighter backgrounds with contrasting colours, it is easy to add vibrancy and life to any space, whether it’s a living area or dining space. The organic nature of watercolours helps provide a homely feel and adds softness to décor.  Because contrast is fairly restrained in watercolour wall art, the visual interest will have to come through shape and texture from décor and styling.