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Article: 8 Ways to Bring Tropical Style into Your Home

8 Ways to Bring Tropical Style into Your Home

8 Ways to Bring Tropical Style into Your Home

If you’re anything like us at Gioia, all you are craving after a travel-dry year is a tropical escape. Whether you've collected far too many trinkets from the holidays you’ve been on over the years, or you’ve missed out on a tropical vacation for longer than you can bear to admit, follow our ultimate guide to bringing tropical style into your interior and give yourself that holiday in the tropics from the comfort of your own home.

1. Give your Outdoor Entertaining Area a Tiki Bar Makeover

Take your parties and gatherings to the next level and impress your guests with a tiki bar in your outdoor entertaining area - now what is more tropical-chic than that? 

Whether you’re a DIY guru and want to build your tiki bar from the ground up or you simply want to jazz up a shed, opt for palm tree thatches, bamboo decor and furniture, and don’t hold back on large plants and greenery; the leafier the better.

Tie the whole bar together with tiki serveware. Inject bright colours throughout the space, hang an island-style sign above the bar which reads “Welcome to the Tiki Bar” or “No Shoes Allowed”, and scatter lanterns and torches throughout your outdoor area to bring warmth and tropical ambiance in the evening.

2. Bring the Outdoors In

There’s no better way to inject some tropical style into your home than by bringing the outdoors in. 

Embrace large leafy plants such as birds of paradise, bamboo and yuccas. Scatter hanging plants like string of pearls and bird’s nest ferns throughout the space to really bring that vibrant green jungle feel to your home.


Cover the plant pots with woven baskets and macrame hangers to complete the tropical look - you can even opt for some patterned woven pot coverings to add some unique flair to the whole décor. 

3. Woven Everything! 

In any tropical style home, there can never be too much woven material! From jute rugs scattered throughout different rooms of the house to woven pot and cushion covers, all the way to bamboo furniture and decorations, embrace woven materials to give your home a true tropical vibe. 

4. Set Up an Impromptu Siesta Spot

Nothing screams “tropical vacation” like an area dedicated to spontaneous midday naps - if you want to bring holiday vibes to you, this is a must! Whether you have a beautiful outdoor space under some palm trees and in the sun, or you can accomodate a siesta area in your lounge or bedroom, choose a large hammock to hang in the desired spot. 

Opt for a neutral coloured hammock and inject colour into the set up with some vibrant cushions and throws, finishing the space with a gorgeous jute rug directly under your siesta hammock.

Play some Bob Marley or Jack Johnson, lie on your tropical siesta hammock and enjoy the best nap you’ve ever had, right from the comfort of your own home.

5. Hang Tropical Wall Art Prints

From extra large wall art to sets of two and triptychs, inject colour and tropical flair to any room with some tropical wall art prints.

If you’re going for a Balinese vibe, hang our Tropical Buddha print - the show-stopping print will tie any room together and make you feel like you’re relaxing in a villa in the ever-luxurious Ubud.

To bring in that tropical rainforest feel you might find in Tropical North Queensland getaways, hang Watercolour Tropical Leaves and Flowers set of 2 over your couch to create a large centrepiece that ties the whole room together.

For some abstract flair within your tropical paradise home, choose Colourful Tropical Plants, Abstract Floral Art and add some contemporary zest to the space.  

Opt for timber framing on all your tropical themed wall art to stay aligned with the overall look.

6. Bed Linens and Soft Furnishings

Nothing screams tropical paradise like premium bedding and themed soft furnishings throughout the house. 

In the bedroom, complement a bamboo bed frame and go all out with a tropical quilt cover set. Dress the bed with comfy cushions and a soft beige throw to complete the tropical design. 

If you’re into monochromatic bedding, choose a top quality linen sheet set in sandalwood, moss or light beige and dress the bed with tropical patterned cushions and a contrasting throw.

For the rest of the home, scatter woven floor cushions throughout your lounging areas, along with tropical patterned cushions and soft throws which compliment the tropical colour palette.

7. Let There Be Tropical Light 

Lighting throughout the house will make or break the overall tropical vibe of your entire space - so choose wisely. Opt for yellow lighting to create warmth throughout your home; white lighting can give a harsher feel to a space. 

Indoors, dress your light sources with rattan, bamboo or linen-covered lamp shades. Ensure each room has a ceiling light as well as floor and table lamps in order to change lighting easily depending on time of day and mood you want to set. Adjustable lighting is also a great addition to any tropical style home. 

Outdoors, scatter solar powered torch lighting throughout, hang some lanterns around your entertaining space and use candles around the sitting area to create a true tropical ambiance.

8. Ignite all the Senses

Tropical style design is not complete without the smells and flavours that come with your dream tropical getaway. 

Not only should you and your guests see the tropical influencer throughout your home, you should be able to feel it even with your eyes closed. 

When entertaining, create some of your favourite tropical cocktails to take your guests straight to the heavenly beaches of Bora Bora. From your classic mojito to mai tais and pineapple rum punch, serve your go-to concoction in tiki mugs with little cocktail umbrellas to give the full tropical effect.

To ignite the sense of smell, add candles and essential oils to every room. Choose coconut, watermelon, eucalyptus, lemongrass and citrusy scented diffusers to make the entire house feel like a Fiji escape as soon as your walk through the front door. 

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