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Article: 7 Tips to make a small space look bigger

7 Tips to make a small space look bigger

7 Tips to make a small space look bigger

There’s nothing worse than living in a cramped home, where things keep piling up on top of each other and you feel like you’ve barely got room to move. 

Whether you’re living that big city life from your small-ish high rise apartment, or just need to give your home some much needed extra space, follow our 7 top tips to make a small space look bigger. 


1. Paint your wall white


It’s well known in the design world that light coloured painted walls make a room look bigger and brighter.

Give your place that open and airy feel with some crisp white painted walls - this will also help you make the most of the natural light, as white walls will reflect it throughout the space, giving your home an even more spacious feel. 

If white is a bit too “been there, done that” for you, then opt for light colours, such as nudes and pastels - anything too dark will have the opposite desired effect, trapping all natural light and making the room feel shrunken.


   2. Declutter 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know the famous Marie Kondo - odds are, you’ve even watched her Netflix show, Tidying Up (if you haven’t, do yourself a favour, it will change your life!!). 

Decluttering your home doesn’t only help with making each room feel more spacious, it also helps to declutter your mind - look at each item that takes up space in your house and ask yourself “does this spark joy?”. If the answer is not immediately “yes”, or if you have to think about it for more than 3 seconds, then it’s time to say goodbye to that item. 

Once you’ve decluttered your entire home, each room will feel like a blank canvas and creating more space within your house will feel like a breeze. 


    3. Minimise the furniture 

In smaller spaces, it is essential to keep the furniture at a minimum. Assess how many guests you would normally have maximum in one space, and from there, decide whether all your extra furniture is needed. 

For example, if you never have more than 2-3 guests over - because, let’s face it, more than that would be a claustrophobic catastrophe - then perhaps a 3-seater sofa is enough, no need for that extra arm chair in the corner that you have to awkwardly step over to get to the kitchen. 

Opting for smaller furniture will also make any room feel more spacious - opt for a double bed instead of a queen-size, and your bedroom will instantly feel one hundred times bigger. Choose a small round coffee table instead of a larger rectangle coffee table to provide more leg room and give more space to walk around. 

    4. Play with contrasts and light colours 

Give any room more depth with some contrasting colours - again, steer clear from the really dark coloured walls and accessories, and play with some soft tones like off-whites, blues, greens and yellows. 

Accessorise your white couch with some light blue cushions, decorate your dining table with a yellow floral centrepiece or elevate your bedding with a soft green knitted throw blanket. This will bring colour into your space without absorbing any light, making any room look more spacious with some effortless styling. 

    5. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

It might not come as a surprise to any of you but mirrors make any space look much larger and more open. 

Give your space the illusion of depth by strategically placing a larger mirror directly opposite a window or door - the mirror will reflect further than the room in which it hangs, making the entire space feel twice its size. 

You can also use mirrors as table tops on your coffee table or sideboard to make the ceiling feel higher. Or place a mirror on the floor to give that elongated illusion within your space.

    6. Hang an extra large wall art print

Make a statement and create a focal point over your couch or bed with a stunning extra large wall art print. 

A large art piece will make the room feel much larger and more spacious - and is a fantastic way to spark conversation and get your guests talking. Opt for horizontal pieces to ensure the room feels elongated; vertical pieces can make low ceilings feel lower.

For an abstract fan, choose Sunlight Mountains to reflect those whites and soft blues throughout your home decor. 

If you’re a fine art connoisseur, hang Monet’s Water Lilies above your couch - the perfect ice breaker for any evening of entertaining. 

Bring the outdoors in with an extra large wall art print of your favourite vista, such as Cool Breeze by the Beach or White Sand Walkway - these will not only make your room feel bigger, but they will let you travel to your dream destination from the comfort of your own home. 


    7. Opt for Storage Furniture 

One of our new found obsessions in the last few years is storage furniture. Storage pieces are incredibly helpful when it comes to giving your small home a larger feel. 

From storage couches, to storage ottomans and storage beds, store everything you simply don’t have room for - like your linens, towels, suitcases, toolbox and sewing kit - in your staple furniture pieces and make your whole house feel double its size without having to buy a space-consuming closet! 

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