Animal Prints - Options for Every Room!

Animal wall art prints are all the rage in 2021 - and we don’t see a future without them in sight, so here’s our top list of animal wall art prints by room to make your animal print shopping experience a breeze! 

Lounge Room Animal Wall Art

For a tropical vibe, choose Vintage Tropic Plants, Frangipani, Bird, Palms and Monstera Leaves.

In a nautical themed home or in your coastal getaway abode, hang Sealife Watercolor Painting, Set of 3, Style B.

In a modern home and for a striking masterpiece, display Drinking Zebras above your couch or as a focal point within the room. 

Kitchen Animal Wall Art 

Bring some life, colour and vibrancy to your kitchen with American Flamingo by John James Aubudon.

In a zen-style kitchen, hang our Japandi Bird wall art print in an oak shadow box floater frame to create depth in the room. 

In a farmhouse kitchen with some modern flair, choose Country Farm Animals, Set of 3, Style A to give that elevated country feel to the space. 

Adult Bedroom Animal Wall Art 

Hang an extra large wall art print above a queen or king size bed to create a stunning effect in your bedroom. 

Choose Kookaburra or White Horse In Black and White to elevate the feel of a modern adult bedroom.


Opt for one of Gioia’s Perfect Pairs - sets of two paintings that create one - such as Toucan and Orchid or Lush Forest Birds - for a romantic and aligned feel. 


Child’s Bedroom Animal Wall Art 

In your newborn’s nursery, choose Koala, Watercolour Painting or The Animals World Map to bring the whole room together. 


For a child aged 4-10, opt for Mr Fox in Yellow Top, Dinosaurs, Watercolour Painting Style or In The Jungle, Set of 2, Style A.


For older children and teens, choose Budgie or Pair of Jungle Cheetah and make your child the coolest kid at school!


Dining Room Animal Wall Art 

For a gorgeous and inviting dining room setting, hang Watercolour bouquet, Banksias, Protea Leaves, Eucalyptus, Parrot and Cockatoo, Set of 2.

In a modern home, display Feather as an extra large focal point in the dining room.

For an out-of-the-ordinary piece, choose. A Sheep in the Mountains or Emperor Dragonfly and spark conversation with your guests around a beautiful home cooked meal. 


Bathroom Animal Wall Art 

In your bathroom or toilet, bring a sense of hominess and comfort with Blue Shells, Set of 4, Style A or Style B.


In larger bathrooms, opt for Sealife Watercolor Painting, Set of 2, Style A or Blue Octopus and Tree, Set of 2.


Inject colour into your bathroom with The Little Path print.


Kids’ Playroom Animal Wall Art

Decorate a kids’ playroom with some animal wall art prints like Dinosaurs, Watercolour Painting Style or Winter Fairytale, Style B to bring the whole space to life and ignite creativity amongst the young minds within it.  


Hang The Animals’ World Map as both a fun and educational piece to spark conversation and create a fun game in the kids playroom.


Study Animal Wall Art

Make your #WFH life that much more appealing with some thought-provoking animal wall art prints in your study or office., such as the striking Blue Cockatoo or the intriguing Snowy Owl.


Give the room a more powerful feel and manifest your company CEO dreams with Leo hanging above your dark oak desk - if this animal wall art print doesn’t scream “don’t mess with the boss”, we don’t know what does! 

For a fun Zoom background that will entertain all meeting attendees, Vintage Banana Trees, Palm Leaves and Lemur And Monkey, Japandi Crane- or better yet, alternate between the three and keep your colleagues guessing!


Foyer Animal Wall Art

Hang Great Hair Don’t Care Yak, Highland Cow, Nature Colour in your foyer or entry hall and welcome your guests with striking animal wall art, making an instant impression as soon as they walk through your front door. 

For a more subtle entrance piece, choose Flying Cranes
, or Kookaburra and Eucalyptus, Set of 2



Guest Room Animal Wall Art

Create an inviting and cosy environment for your guests to feel instantly at home with My House above your guest bed.

For some Australiana themed animal wall art, choose Koala, Watercolour Painting or Blue and Yellow Spotted Cockatoo.


For earthy and neutral vibes in your guest bedroom, choose Feather and create a true home away from home feel for your holidayers.