How You Can Create Your Own Hamptons Style Home

This gorgeous coastal region is where the New York’s (and the rest of the world’s) rich and famous flock to for some seaside downtime. Dominated by relaxing neutral tones, nature textures, white washed linens and ocean inspired hues, the Hamptons trend has an air of class that can elevate the style of any home.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home to create the same light and airy feel of this classic interior trend, keep reading to learn how easy it is to transform your home into a Hamptons style abode today.

It’s all about the Hampton hues

The Hamptons style is all about capturing the essence of the coast. There is an air of relaxation, combined with an air of luxury and lightness. Inspired entirely by the landscape of the coast, think neutral light earthy tones combined with the coastal blues of the oceans and sky that, if you were in the Hamptons, you would be gazing at all the time.

The simplest way to achieve the Hamptons look is to start with a white base, this creates a sense of lightness, and also opens up a room. For your main pieces furniture and soft furnishings, opt for lighter, neutral colours and natural materials such as timbers and rattan.

Then to add some spice and colour to the home, with your home décor pieces, you can pepper those darker coastal colours like turquoise, almost any shade of blue and mint green.

Textured Fabrics and materials bring the Hamptons feeling alive

While the colours are light, the textures are detailed when it comes to the fabrics of your carpets, furniture and furnishings of every Hamptons style home.

Timber is a popular material choice for flooring, cabinetry and larger pieces of furniture. The natural colouring and unique finish of timber sets the tone.

Then to soften and warm the feel of the home, natural materials like cottons, linens and wool add texture and make a room or home feel inviting yet luxurious.

Open up the home with Hamptons style windows

Now, you may not have the coastal views of a home in the Hamptons where you live, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create the same open feeling in your home.

If you’re updating your entire home’s aesthetic to match the enviable Hamptons style, then you’re may need to do work on your windows both inside and out to really achieve the look.

White coloured plantation style shutters on your home windows can help to really capture the Hamptons vibe – it is the style that dominates the Hampton homes. While adding new shutters to your home might come at a cost, they allow you to control light, ventilation and even give you some added privacy.

Inside the home, opt for long, flowing, light coloured curtains that hang from ceiling to floor. Textured materials like linens will really elevate that coastal feeling.

The Hamptons style starts from the floor up

When it comes to creating a Hamptons vibe in your home, your flooring may need a makeover too. Rather than carpet, Hampton homes are all about wooden flooring.

Light timber floors help to achieve the Hamptons style. Think whitewashed and distressed timbers with grey undertones.

For areas where tiles are more appropriate, like the bathroom, laundry or kitchen, opt for bright and crisp white tiles.

Rugs made from natural materials like jute and wool are the perfect way to add that warmth of a Hampton home.

Amplify the Hamptons Ambiance with Accessories

While the Hamptons style is all about white, light and neutral hues, accessorising is where the colour can come in to play.

The decorative pieces, like vases, trinkets and wall art, are the perfect way to add colour that ties the Hampton look together. Textured ceramics in blue and green hues, light floral-patterned cushions, and healthy green indoor plants in pot colours inspired by the ocean are all great ways you can create that Hampton ambiance. Some perfect pieces of wall art to compliment the Hamptons style would be Dreams, Blue Coral, Set of 3, Blue Blooms, Stork On White Background or Eucalyptus and Blackwood Sapling, Set of 2. 

For larger accessories like occasional chairs, console tables and throws the neutral tones and natural materials like linen, wool, jute, rattan and timber are perfect!

Add the finishing touch with Hamptons inspired Wall Art!

Well, you might have thought we were finished with the accessories, but not at all. One of the most important parts of your Hamptons makeover is of course, Hamptons wall art

To really capture create that Hamptons feel, we will still want to stick the natural and ocean-inspired colours of the Hamptons palette.

Nature inspired pieces featuring florals, botanicals, landscapes and of course the seaside are perfect at capturing the timeless elegance of the Hamptons style.

Canvas prints add an element of texture, while white or natural timber frames complete the look.