Here’s Why Black and White Wall Art Will Never Go Out of Style

One of the most popular interior design trends is black and white. Also known as monochrome, the longevity of this style has proven to be more than a trend, as it never goes out of style.

The monochrome design scheme has been seen in homes all over the world for the last century, having risen to popularity in the 1920s – back in the days of the art deco design movement.

And while the classic monochrome trend originated some time ago, it’s still as popular as ever today. If you’re looking for a way to update your home, introducing black and white wall art can be one of the easiest ways to do so.

Why monochrome black and white is a classic colour scheme

The black and white colour scheme has become so popular due to its adaptability and versatility. As design trends have evolved and changed over time, the monochrome colour scheme has been able to find a way to fit into any style home – whether it’s the classic art deco style, the minimalistic Scandi style or even a rustic styled home.

Black and white colour schemes can also be introduced into any area of the home, from bedrooms to bathrooms, kitchens to living rooms, hallways to kids’ rooms.

One of the simplest ways to introduce this style into the home is through wall art. There are so many styles of monochromatic wall art available that no matter your style, there is something to suit you.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider adding black and white wall art into your home:

It’s the most adaptable colour combination

We’ve all seen design trends come and go – whether it is a trend developed from the most popular colours of the year or chic design styles, interior design is constantly evolving. However, while most trends come and go, black and white has always managed to have a home in the home.

The black and white style is so easy to live with – it can blend in well with other trends or be centre stage as the main design focus. And as your own personal style may change and evolve over time, your monochrome wall art is always going to have a place in your home as it can compliment any style.    

The simplicity of black and white is alluring

There is something so satisfying about a black and white piece of art. Whether it’s an abstract piece or a photograph, the minimalistic nature of black and white – the very thing that makes it so versatile and adaptable – is also the thing that captures the attention of anyone who enters a room that features black and white wall art.

Black and white wall art, particularly black and white photography has a way of capturing the detail in a way that a coloured piece does not. It also allows the viewer to take in the imagery and create their own feelings and emotions of the piece.

It is a timeless style

A piece of black and white wall art can never be dated. No matter when it was made or how old or new it is, there is an air of timelessness that coloured wall art cannot capture.

A combination of romanticism and nostalgia, makes the art feel like it has always been there while also feeling brand new.

The contrast of the colour combination, along with the lighting, shadows and actual image subject allow the viewer to create their own interpretation, which can change over time as their own thoughts change.

Black and white can be dressed up or down

Making a monochromatic piece of wall art one of the focal points of any room allows you to dress the room up or down as you see fit.

As your own personal style evolves, you can experiment with colour or even other neutrals to change the look and feel of a room and not have to worry about the wall art.

Monochromatic wall art has the ability to blend in and compliment other styles, like creating a room focused on neutrals. Monochromatic wall art can also be the focal point while you keep the rest of the room quite simplistic. Or if you’re looking to update a room by adding a splash of colour, the black and white wall art can help to add a calming touch, an almost grounding piece amongst a sea of eclectic colour.

As we touched on earlier, the beauty of black and white wall art is that it can evolve with you as your style evolves and always have a place.

It’s available in any style of art

Whether you’re into bold geometric patterns, animals, photography, or abstract art, there is a piece of monochromatic wall art for you.

Here are some of our favourite black and white wall art pieces and styles:

Geometric Black and White Wall Art

Bold shapes and lines in black and white art creates a sophisticated yet somewhat playful feel in any home.

1989 Hoffman

Angled Abstract

Black and White Photography Art

With the subject of photography only limited by the imagination, black and white photos make wonderful additions to the home. Whether the subject is a person, an animal, buildings or nature, there is a piece to suit anyone.


Black and Stormy Architecture

Typography Wall Art in Black and White

Fun, inspirational and thought provoking, a typography or quote style wall art piece is one that can convey your personality. Have fun with this style of art or express the things that are most important to you.

Love is Patient

But First, Coffee

Fashion inspired black and white wall art

Black and white is not only a timeless interior design trend but also a classic and timeless fashion trend, so it certainly makes sense to combine the two with fashion inspired wall art.

Fashion Sketch

Fashion Icon


Abstract Black and White Art

The nature of abstract wall art is intriguing. The viewer has the opportunity to interpret the meaning of the art. The vast nature of abstract art also lends itself to its adaptability.

Black Paint Stroke on White



Black and White Animal Wall Art

Animals have a way of capturing our hearts and appealing to people of all ages. With the various styles of animal art out there, no matter your age animal art can be extremely appealing.

White Horse in Black Background

Elephant Black and White


Black and White Landscape art

If you’re inspired by the great wide world out there, art inspired by nature and the real world can be highly alluring – capturing a moment in time.

The Villa and Her Lake

Sail Away

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