How to Choose Wall Art for a Kid's Bedroom

Whether you’re decorating a nursery as a first-time parent or one of your kids is begging to have their room redecorated, one of the key pieces that will help tie the room together is wall art.

Wall art can help create a theme, it can be educational, and it can easily be changed and swapped for newer pieces when the room needs updating.

So, how do you go about choosing kids wall art? Well, there are not set rules, however, we have put together some tips to make the process of choosing the right pieces for their room a lot easier.

Here are some things to take into consideration when choosing wall art for kids rooms.

kids wall art print giraffe
Giraffe Wall Art Print

Think about what they love

If the room you’re redecorating is for a child older than a baby, then have a think about the things they love. Are they particularly fond of animals or perhaps your family pet? Do they love soccer? Do they enjoy playing outside? Are they into trucks and vehicles?

Taking these things into consideration will make their bedroom a place they want to spend time and is also likely to spark creativity and happiness!

Tip: While they might like a particular cartoon character or series, we suggest avoiding making everything in their room matchy-matchy and based on that character, as they may outgrow it pretty quickly.  

Think about the feeling you’re trying to create

What sort of atmosphere do you want to create in their bedroom? A relaxing environment that they want to spend time in is the most ideal atmosphere, however, it’s important to take things, like their age and development into consideration when choosing home décor. 

For example, if you’re creating a space for a baby, you want a calm and soothing environment – not just for your little one but also for you.

Your child is likely to spend a fair bit of time in their room, so you want to make it a comfortable and safe environment for them.

Artwork is one of the best ways to transform the way a room looks and feels - you can learn about how colour can impact your mood here.

Blue Lake Whale Wall Art Print 
Blue Lake Whale Wall Art Print

Choose a colour palette

Choosing a colour palette can help not only create the atmosphere you’re after but also help you narrow down your choice of wall art prints. There are lots of different colours and styles of wall art, so having an overall colour scheme in mind can make finding the perfect pieces a lot simpler.

If you are thinking about creating a beachy feel for the room, neutral colours are perfect for that; soft blues are great for Hamptons-style homes; while pastels are good options for young kids.

Your wall art can either tie into the overall colour scheme or could belong to a different colour family to make them pop!

Get their input

If your child is older than a baby, don’t forget to include them in the process – it’s their room after all.

Ask them about their favourite colours and the things that they would like to see on their walls. It’s also a good idea to share your ideas with them as well. You might be able to show them things that they haven’t thought of before, and vice versa.

Your child might just be a budding interior designer!

Black and White Animals Self-Adhesive Wallpaper 
Black and White Animals Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to mix colours and patterns

You’re probably used to creating a super cohesive vibe throughout your home, however, when it comes to your kid’s room, this is a space where you can be a little more experimental.

A great way to mix different patterns and styles is through the use of both wall art prints in various styles and temporary wallpaper. You could opt for a polka dot wallpaper with a floral print. Or any sort of combination.

For more information on removable self-adhesive wallpaper, read our “Guide to Buying Removable Wallpaper for Your Home”. 

Stimulate their imagination

Like we said before, your child is going to be spending a fair bit of time in their bedroom, so you want it to be a space that inspires them.

Kids' wall art can be a great way to trigger their imagination and give them something to immerse their thoughts into.

Some styles that might spark their creativity are abstract wall art prints, animal prints, and photography style prints. The details and colours used in pieces like these have a way of drawing the eye and letting the mind wander to new places.

The Animals' World Map Wall Art Print 
The Animals' World Map Wall Art Print

Make it educational

There are many benefits when it comes to hanging wall art in your child’s room. It is not only a way to tie together a theme and make a room look great, but it can also be an educational tool as well.

Education and learning can be done in a wide variety of ways, including giving your child a glimpse into another world. Some great wall art prints that have educational benefits include maps, typography prints, animal prints, photography, and even prints of famous artworks.

Each piece has a story and opening up your child’s mind to these pieces can be extremely informative and educational for them.

Include their artwork

Why not reward their creative efforts by hanging a piece of their art alongside other prints? You could even use a piece of their handiwork as inspiration for the overall colour scheme and theme.

Incorporating their artwork with other wall art prints works particularly well when creating a gallery wall – you can learn how to do so with these tips.


The Spotted Sandpiper by John James Audubon Wall Art Print 
The Spotted Sandpiper by John James Audubon Wall Art Print 

Choose pieces that can grow with them

Earlier we suggested avoiding making things too matchy-matchy or tied into a particular theme such as a cartoon character or tv series. While there are no rules against doing this, we do suggest picking out a piece of wall art that can grow with your child and not necessarily feel too childish or is something that they may outgrow super-fast.

If your child does have a favourite character, like one of the puppies from Paw Patrol, you could incorporate this into their room with a sheet set or soft toy from the series. And instead, choose wall art that suits the colour palette and some of their other interests.    

Have fun with it

Don’t forget to have a little fun with this project!

While you might be a little more conservative in other areas of your home, or hesitant to be bold, when it comes to a kid’s room, it’s all about experimentation and making it exciting.

Kids love colours and patterns and all sorts of things, so take advantage of this and choose the wall art you would have loved to have when you were a kid!

Bunny Tail wall Art Print 
Bunny Tail wall Art Print


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