Colours of Your Art - How Colour Can Influence Your Mood

Colour is one of the most powerful forces that is constantly present in our lives.

This is because it is very closely linked to our emotions, a fact that most of us don’t realise as we go about our everyday lives.

Colours can make us feel happy, they can make us feel sad, they can relax us or stress us out, they can stimulate hunger, they can provoke fear. These reactions are natural and are actually rooted in psychology, biological conditioning, and cultural imprints.

Today, we want to talk all things colour, including how certain colours can make you feel, how the colour of the art you hang on your walls can change not only the look and feel of your home and some of our favourite pieces.

As you can imagine, there are lots of colours out there, so let’s dive right in!

Shopping Wall Art by Colour – What you need to know!

When you’re shopping for wall art of a particular colour for your home, there are lots of things that might influence your decision. Your home’s interior design and décor style will certainly inspire your choices, as well as your favourite colours.

While both of these are important factors to consider, the feelings that colours can evoke is another factor worth considering, especially if you’re trying to create a particular vibe for a room. For example, if you’re transforming a room into a relaxing sanctuary where people can retreat to from their stressful lives, then certain colours, like lighter shades, will work better than others.

To help you find the right wall art to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, we’ve put together some information about some of the most common colours and influence they can have on people.

Warm Colours vs Cool Colours

You’ve probably heard of colours as being referred to as either warm or cool, but what does this mean?

Warm colours are reds, oranges, yellows, browns and the like. These colours tend to elicit feelings of happiness, optimism, virality and even things that make you feel warm, such as heat and sunlight. Warm colours tend to be somewhat attention grabbing, which is why they can be often used for when you need to take action or to signal danger – like hazard and stop signs. They are also said to heighten emotions and passion, making them highly stimulating.

Warm colours also look as if they are coming closer to you, which can help make a room feel smaller or cosier.

Cool colours on the other hand are calming, soothing, serence. Cooler shades include colours of blue, green, and light purple, and while they can have a calming effect, which is often why you will see them used by health and beauty brands and places. They can also occasionally have an element of sadness to them as well. But they can also spark creativity – purple being a great example of this as it is a mixture of blue (representing calmness) and red (representing intensity).

Cool colours, unlike warms ones, appear as if they are pulling away from you, or receding, which can make spaces feel larger than they are, which it why the rooms of many smaller homes are painted lighter shades

So, what feelings can these colours create? Keep reading to find out.

Here is how colours can make you feel and the wall art to match


Red ignites passion inside you. It makes you feel intense, energized, invigorated. It is the warmest and most dynamic of the colours, with an uncanny ability to trigger emotions that oppose each other.

While it is often associated with passion and love, it is also closely related to anger and danger. In large amounts, it tends to have an overwhelming effect. Think of an exam paper marked with bright, red ink.

Curiously enough, it’s also a colour that stimulates hunger – which is why you will most commonly see it used as a major colour in the palette of popular fast-food chains.

So, whether you’re thinking about making people hungry in your dining room or bringing the love alive in your bedroom, here are some of our favourite red pieces.

Red and Sage Abstract Wall Art Print


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Orange, the colour closest to red, evokes similar feelings of vitality. Although rather than inciting anger, it stimulates happiness.

It too draws attention and shows movement, but it is not as overpowering as its counterpart. In a way, it is actually more balanced than the colour red, which may account for its inviting and friendly nature.

Because of its close link to urgency, it’s often seen in energy drinks and signages.

So if you want to incite feelings of fun and excitement, perhaps in your child’s playroom or in your home office, here are some of our favourite orange wall art prints:


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Yellow is simple – it promotes happiness and spontaneity.

It is perhaps the most energetic of the warm colours and no doubt, the most joyous — it’s linked to laughter, hope, sunshine.

Looking at the colour yellow makes the viewer feel optimistic and cheerful.

The downside is that it is a colour that reflects the light more and therefore, it easily becomes irritating to the eye.

Yellow is a great colour print option for kid’s bedrooms, entry ways, or somewhere you want to add a bit of a happy vibe too.

Yellow Flowers in Vase Set of 3 Wall Art Prints 


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Green has a refreshing ring to it. When you see green, you are inclined to think health, nature, money.

Though it may not be obvious, green is actually the colour that’s easiest on the eyes, which is why it’s a terrific colour to be used to relax the viewer and create a sense of balance.

It’s also the colour most prominent in nature, which is why an area filled with plants often brings about feelings of calmness and peace.

Green wall art in your living room can make it a relaxing place, as well as in your bedroom. Here are some of the green wall art prints we love at Gioia.

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Blue evokes feelings of safety, calmness, and spirituality.

The body creates chemicals that calm you down at the sight of something blue, however, this does not always result in a positive outcome.

Using too much blue may end up creating a cold, disengaged feeling, which is why it’s also tied to feelings of sadness and loneliness.

The perfect way to incorporate blue into your home is through wall art and here are some of our favourite pieces perfect for the rooms you want to relax in.


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Purple is a very intriguing colour.

It’s associated with a variety of themes, from royalty to wisdom to magic.

Lighter shades of purple are soothing to the mind, whereas brighter shades give off a great sense of luxury. And somewhere in between, they are great at evoking tones of romance and mystery.

It’s rare and mysterious nature is perhaps attributed to its prevalent usage in that of the unknown and the supernatural.

If you want to create a sense of mystery in your space, here are some incredible purple toned pieces.


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Pink, though not originally a “feminine colour”, (in the 19th century it was a very common colour seen on boys) is now best known for representing femininity.

In light of that, it comes hand in hand with feelings of romance, tenderness, and sensitivity.

Inherently, it’s undeniably sweet, cute, and charming. You love to see it in flowers, in makeup, in sweets.

The charm of pink makes it’s a great addition to basically any room of your home as there are so many beautiful shades to complement the rest of your home décor.

Here are some gorgeous pink wall art prints for you to introduce into your home.


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Brown, the colour of the earth below our feet, naturally brings you down to earth.

It’s warm, friendly, and is a colour that makes you feel like you could depend on it.

In another context, it represents the old-fashioned and well-established.

Because of its close association with nature, it makes one feel connected to life and a sense of growth.

If you want to create a feeling of homeliness, then add some of these brown wall art prints to your home.


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Black is often viewed as a sophisticated colour, but at the same time it is a colour that most commonly represents darkness.

It is classic, serious, and elegant.

It is also bold, evil, fearful.

A powerful force that represents professionalism, but also a theme that speaks simplicity and luxury (which makes it a popular colour for luxury cars).

In several cultures, black is a colour that represents doom, mourning or sadness.

In some ways, it may even be the most powerful colour that we know.

If you want to add this timeless shade to your home, then check out these black wall art prints.


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White is minimalist, fresh, and clean.

In many cultures, it represents purity and innocence.

The most neutral colour to exist, it’s easy to see why it has long been associated with youth and modernity.

For many people, white stands for everything good, right, and proper. It is even considered to be the colour of perfection, all in its simple and untainted glory.

However, in many Eastern cultures, white actually symbolizes death and sadness.

You can add white wall art to your home with any of the below prints.


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Wall Art in Every Colour

While certain colours can evoke certain feelings, it’s important to remember that the colours you choose in your home are completely up to you. The way colour might affect you will also depend on your past experiences as well. So, choose the colours that you love, that make you feel good.

And if you’re looking for wall art in any colour or any style, then you’re already in the right place. Here at Gioia, we have wall art available to shop by colour, style and artist, so whether you’re looking for photography prints, bold abstract art, or anything in between, you’re going to be able to find it (and in any colour you like), here at Gioia.

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