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Spray and Up Wallpaper Installation Guide

Our Spray and Up wallpaper is made to wet-Iaid material, requiring no adhesive, only water for application.

    Prepare the wall

    Wall needs to be sealed and smooth. The wall surface should be clean, dry and free of debris. Priming is always recommended for best results at all times and especially with old, damaged, or flaking paint, and on a wall with uneven surfaces.

    Spray the Wall

    • Standard spray bottle can be used
    • Fill spray bottle with tap water
    • Turn nozzle spray to coarse spray function to allow high water flow
    • Recommend water to be applied at rate of 100ml per 1 sqm, starting at the top of the wall and moving downwards
    • Check that surface of the wall is visibly saturated with water
    • If not, apply more water using spray bottlespray and up wall paper


      • Hang Spray and Up wallpaper panel dry straight from the roll.
      • Material can be re-positioned and re-alligned during first 10 minutes
      • If material does not move easily during repositioning, lift up material and apply more water to wall
      • Smooth the length onto the wall using your hand or a paperhanger’s brush, to remove any bubbles or wrinkles
      • Trim at top and bottom, using a sharp knife, for perfect finish.


      • Moisten the cloth and wring out excess water. Change rinse water frequently.

      Product Removal

      When it’s time for a change, product can be easily removed from the wall in one piece when mounted to surfaces as defined above.

      In case your wall was not well prepared, you may not achieve one piece removal. Use a bucket of water and a sponge, thoroughly wet the wall mural, starting from the top. Keeping the mural wet, you will be able to slowly peel it from the wall and recover a clean wall. Make sure you constantly keep the mural wet.