Decoration Ideas for Your Bedroom Walls

The bedroom is the number one room in the home for rejuvenation, comfort, and relaxation. So, it is important to consider this when choosing how to design your bedroom and how you wish to decorate these bedroom walls to optimise those feelings of tranquility, pleasure and calmness. We have some handy tips we would love to share with you on how you can easily achieve a stunning bedroom design using three main pieces of wall decor, through the use of wallpaper, hanging wall art and wall decals. 

Decide on your style

Before deciding whether you would like to go down the road of adding wallpaper, wall decals, or wall art, you need to first work out what style you want to focus on. The bedroom should be relaxing and reflect a private space where you can unwind, so it's important to choose wall decor that reflects your personality while also considering the interior style of the room.

For instance a popular interior style is Hamptons, when it comes to choosing your wall decor for a Hamptons style bedroom this can be achieved by adding coastal colours such as navy, white, soft grey, beige or soft blue and green. 

A pair of Hamptons style wall art for a Hamptons style Bedroom. Coral prints created with blue watercolour against a white background.


Wallpaper is a great way to add pattern and style to your bedroom. Similarly when choosing wall art for the bedroom, your wallpaper should always reflect back to the style of the existing furniture and decor items. If you stick to this you won't go wrong when it comes to choosing wallpaper for the bedroom. If we continue on the example of a Hamptons style bedroom, then choosing a wallpaper design that reflects a Hamptons colour palette, as well keeping the design elegant, welcoming and inspired by the beautiful beach houses of the Long Island region of the USA, you will definitely create a cohesive style for the bedroom.


Wallpaper for the Bedroom. Hamptons style Wallpaper. Vintage Blue Floral Wallpaper.


Once you have decided on your style you can then focus on the theme of your wall decor. Some popular choices for bedroom wall art include landscapes, floralsbotanicals, modern abstracts and photography. When it comes to wallpaper for the bedroom some popular designs include floral, botanical, plain and textured designs as they aid in promoting a relaxed feeling for the bedroom.

Consider the colours of the room

Colour can definitely set the mood in a room, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Its best to stick to the overall colour scheme of the room and choose  wall decor which compliments this palette. You don’t need to necessarily match your bed linens or cushions colours to that of your wall art or wallpaper, just as long as you stay within lighter tones or darker shades of the main colour featured, you will create a cohesive look for the bedroom.

Some of the best colours to feature on your bedroom walls are white and neutrals, browns and greys, and green and blues. 

The polished look of a white and neutral colour scheme can help open up the space in your bedroom. By adding warm neutral hues it will create a more inviting atmosphere.

Warm Neutral Wall Art for the bedroom. Beach Grass Reeds. Boho Wall Art. Coastal Wall Art.


Brown and grey are both neutral colours that easily pair well together. Grey being such a versatile colour it adds a soft and peaceful touch while earthy brown tones can bring a sense of cosiness and warmth to the bedroom. Our Flowers On Grey print is a great example of combining soft greys and browns to create a warm and inviting bedroom design.

 Coral Bedroom Wall Art. Brown and Grey Wall Art. Grey Wall Art. Textured Painting print.


Green and blue being two complimentary colours are known for being the number one combo for calming and relaxing colours. Therefore being ideal for the bedroom as you always want to maintain the feeling of rest and rejuvenation.  

Blue and Green Wall Art for the bedroom. Landscape Wall art.


When it comes to choosing wallpaper you can use colour to actually make a space appear larger and the ceiling taller. Pick wallpaper that has patterns with cool colour backgrounds, such as green, blue, or violet. Soft cool colours also suggest tranquillity which is exactly what you want in the bedroom.



Mint Wallpaper for the bedroom. Boho Wallpaper. Mint Wallpaper. Boho bedroom design.



Size makes a difference

When choosing a wall art to hang above the bed make sure you choose a piece that is proportionate to the dimensions of your bed. We recommend going 70-80% of the width of the bed/bedhead. When artwork is too small in comparison to the furniture below, it can throw off the overall balance of the room, it will appear lost in the space and feel disconnected.

If one large single piece of wall art is not the look you are going for, consider hanging 2 or 3 smaller pieces of wall art, it will still do the trick as long as all pieces combined take up 70-80% of the width of the wall/bed/console etc.

When choosing your wallpaper if you wish to create a more formal look, go for large scale patterns with pronounced colours such as our Delicate Neutral Blooms Wallpaper. Large scale designs are great if you're looking to make your bedroom feel more intimate. They are also great for making an empty room look more furnished. 

Floral Wallpaper for the bedroom.
For a fun, vivid style, pick small designs that are open and regularly spaced, such as our Blue and White Polka Dots Wallpaper. If you wish to create a spacious feeling a small scale pattern for your bedroom walls will be best. 
      Polka Dot Wallpaper for the bedroom. Blue and White Wallpaper.


Sometimes Less is More

Be sure to not overdo it when it comes to picking the wall decor for the bedroom. The statement ‘less is more’ couldn’t be truer as you want to maintain an uncluttered and relaxing sanctuary when it comes to this space.

Don’t hang wall art on every wall of the bedroom just because there is an empty wall space as this can create an overwhelming feeling. Its always best to pick one main focal wall and make this your bedroom wall feature. Don’t be afraid to embrace the idea of empty space as this will be key to achieving a balance between art and bare walls.

The whole purpose of embracing the bedroom as being a relaxing space for you to unwind, is to allow your brain to switch off for a bit. With so many distractions from our phones, social media and our busy work schedules we tend to end the day feeling overstimulated, which is why it’s so important now days to create this relaxing sanctuary in our bedrooms. 


Bedhead Wall Arch Decal

Bedroom Wall décor doesn’t need to just be limited to wallpaper and artwork for the bedroom, you could also consider a bedhead wall decal to liven up your space. Our bedhead wall decals are the perfect way to transform the look and feel of your bedroom without causing permanent changes or costing an arm and a leg. 
With a variety of colours, patterns and styles to choose from, a bedhead wall decal is the perfect way to enhance the look of you bed and walls.