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Article: The Options are Endless When it Comes to How You Can Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The Options are Endless When it Comes to How You Can Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The Options are Endless When it Comes to How You Can Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is a revolution when it comes to interior design and home decoration.

It’s a versatile and innovative tool that allows you to breath new life into spaces without having to make a huge commitment.

While it works wonders for walls all over your home, it’s uses go far beyond the traditional application on walls. There are almost endless possibilities for peel and stick wallpaper uses and you’re only limited by your imagination.

To spark your creativity, we’ve put together some ideas about the most creative ways you could use peel and stick wallpaper. But before that, let us explain a little more about peel and stick wallpaper and how it works.

What is peel and stick wallpaper?

If you’ve ever had any experience using traditional old-school wallpaper, you probably know just how difficult it can be to use. It involves messy adhesives that make the wallpaper quite permanent and difficult to remove. Many people end up turning to professionals to install this type of wallpaper because it can be difficult.

Peel and stick wallpaper couldn’t be more different. Easy to use, the wallpaper comes with a backing sheet which when peeled off reveals the gentle adhesive that sticks it to the wall (or wherever you’re using it).

The adhesive on peel and stick wallpaper is gentle, making it easy to remove the wallpaper when you decide to make a change, however, it’s also strong enough to be long lasting.

To install the wallpaper, we recommend lining up your wallpaper to where it is going to be installed, peeling back one corner and sticking this to its final location. From this point, you just need to peel back the backing paper slowly and smooth the wallpaper to the wall as you go. For more information on installation, read this guide here.

Now, let’s get to the creative stuff.

8 Different Ways to Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Create closet envy

While the clothes in your closet might do the talking, there’s not reason that their home can’t be a bit of fun either.

Line the interior of your closet with peel and stick wallpaper to add that pop of excitement that your clothing deserves.

Every time you open your closet, you’re bound to have a smile on your face with an aesthetically pleasing wallpaper design.

Make the kitchen cool again

Peel-and-stick wallpaper emerges as a creative solution for revamping kitchen splashbacks. This adaptable material seamlessly translates to this functional space.

You can infuse your kitchen with a burst of colour, pattern, or texture, instantly revitalising the ambiance.

Harmonise your peel-and-stick wallpaper with your kitchen's aesthetics or experiment with different styles without committing long-term. Whether it's modern minimalism, rustic charm, or bold patterns, the diverse range of designs caters to your preferences.

With peel-and-stick wallpaper you’re empowered to personalise your kitchen with ease. With this approach, you can seamlessly balance functionality and style, giving your kitchen a unique personality that reflects your taste.

Create zones in open spaces

Many homes have an open plan living element, which can make it highly functional yet may also reduce privacy.

If your space is open plan and you’re looking to create some separation between areas, adding room dividers can be an easy way to do so. But you don’t need to opt for any old boring room divider.

Adorn your room divider with wallpaper to have a new decorative space that clearly signals you’re in a different area of your home.

You can craft super unique partitions and add visual interest without breaking the bank.

Give your appliances a facelift

Don’t go out and buy the bold brightly coloured appliances – use your peel-and-stick wallpaper to get the job done.

Picture this: your appliances, those everyday workhorses, now decked out in funky patterns, chic textures, or vibrant hues that align with your home's groove.

Transform your fridge into a statement piece, your dishwasher into an art exhibit, all without the commitment of a permanent makeover. The beauty of peel-and-stick wallpaper is that it's a style chameleon – effortlessly adhering to appliances and offering a quick escape route if you ever crave a new vibe.

From retro-cool to sleek and futuristic, you get to play design daredevil. And the best part? Renters, homeowners, and everyone in between can join the fun. Embrace change, swap out styles with your mood, and give your space a personality that's as dynamic as you are.

We do need to advise you that when it comes to appliances that heat up or require significant ventilation should be avoided.

Create your own wall decals

While there is a wide world of wall decals out there – even here at Gioia we have a significant range of options – we know that there might be something specific you’re looking for. And with peel and stick wallpaper, you can create it.

Find the colour, pattern, texture or style you’re looking for and draw up your own decal shape, cut it out, and presto – you have your own unique wall decal.

Make interactive play zones for kids

Kids grow so fast and their interests change just as fast. It can be hard to keep up, but the flexible, versatile and nature of peel and stick wallpaper can be one way to keep up with the kids.

Whether you’re looking for ways to decorate their bedrooms and play areas as they grow or you want to get them involved in the decorative process, easy to remove wallpaper provides a low commitment option.

Check out our range of wallpaper for kids here.


Looking for peel and stick wallpaper in Australia?

If you’re thinking about giving peel and stick wallpaper a go, if you’re in Australia, you’re in the right place because here at Gioia we offer a huge range of wallpaper that you can buy now.

Our range includes various colours, patterns and for people of all ages. We’re also always in the process of creating new designs, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for now, we might have it for you in the future.

If you need help, you can also get in touch with us too – we’re happy to take your enquiries.

Buy our wallpaper from anywhere in Australia – we ship Australia-wide, so no matter where you are you can create the home of your dreams with peel and stick wallpaper.

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