Minimalism Art: Simple Yet Statement Making

Finding the perfect piece of art for your home isn’t always an easy task. There’s so many varieties and styles, that it can make making the final choice that bit more difficult. While there are many styles out there, one of the most versatile styles is minimalism art.

A world-famous art movement, minimalism offers a way to introduce simple art that can blend in and stand out at the same time. Available in all kinds of mediums too, such as paintings, drawings, and photographs, there really is an option for everyone.

Keep reading to find out more about minimalism art and some of our favourite prints available at Gioia Wall Art today. 

What is minimalism art?

Minimalism is an art movement that emerged in the 1960s and is characterized by its focus on simple geometric forms and the use of clean, straight lines. Minimalist art is often stripped down to its essential elements, with the goal of highlighting the purity and simplicity of the forms. This type of art is often associated with abstract expressionism and is known for its minimalist aesthetic.

What are the important concepts of minimalism art?

Some important concepts of minimalism art include simplicity, abstraction, and repetition. Minimalist artists often strive to reduce their compositions to their simplest forms, using only a few basic geometric shapes and a limited colour palette. They may repeat these shapes and colours in order to create a sense of unity and harmony in the artwork. Additionally, minimalist art often seeks to remove all distractions from the viewer's focus, allowing them to fully engage with the pure, abstract forms. By doing so, minimalist artists aim to create a sense of order and clarity in their work.

Who are the most influential and well-known minimalism artists?

Some of the most famous minimalism artists include Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, and Frank Stella. Other notable minimalism artists include Carl Andre, Robert Morris, and Sol LeWitt. These artists were known for their minimalist sculptures and installations, which often used simple geometric forms and a limited colour palette. They were part of a larger movement that sought to challenge traditional notions of beauty and art, and their work continues to be influential in the art world today.

Why is minimalism art so popular?

People may like minimalism art for a variety of reasons. Some people may find the simplicity and purity of the forms to be aesthetically pleasing, while others may appreciate the way that minimalist art allows them to focus on the formal elements of the composition. Additionally, minimalist art often challenges traditional notions of beauty and art, which may appeal to people who are looking for something different and unique. Ultimately, the appeal of minimalism art will vary from person to person, but many people enjoy its clean, abstract aesthetic.

Reasons to include minimalism style art in your home?

There are several reasons why adding minimalism wall art to your home may be a good idea. Here are five potential benefits: 

  1. Minimalism wall art can help to create a clean, uncluttered aesthetic in your home. By using simple, geometric forms and a limited colour palette, minimalist art can help to eliminate visual distractions and create a sense of order and calm.
  2. Minimalism wall art can be versatile and adaptable to different spaces and decor styles. Because it is often abstract and non-representational, minimalist art can easily be incorporated into a range of interior design styles, from modern to traditional.
  3. Minimalism wall art can be a conversation starter. Because it often challenges traditional notions of beauty and art, minimalist art can be a great way to engage with others and spark interesting discussions.
  4. Minimalism wall art can add visual interest to your space without overwhelming it. Because it is often simple and abstract, minimalist art can provide a subtle, yet powerful, focal point for your room.
  5. Minimalism wall art can be a timeless, classic choice. The minimalist aesthetic has been popular for decades, and it is likely to remain relevant and stylish for many years to come. 

What to look for when choosing minimalism wall art prints

When choosing minimalism wall art prints, there are a few key things to look for. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Look for prints with simple, geometric forms and a limited colour palette. Minimalism is all about reducing compositions to their essential elements, so choose prints that have a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.
  2. Consider the size and scale of the prints. Minimalism often involves using a few large, simple forms rather than many small, intricate ones, so choose prints that are big enough to make a statement.
  3. Think about the mood and atmosphere you want to create in your space. Minimalism can be serene and calming, or it can be bold and dynamic. Choose prints that will help you achieve the look and feel you want.
  4. Look for prints that are high quality and well-made. Minimalism is all about precision and attention to detail, so choose prints that are printed on good-quality paper and have clean, crisp lines.
  5. Consider the style and framing of the prints. Minimalism often involves a modern, minimalist aesthetic, so choose prints that are framed in a simple, contemporary frame, or that are unframed and ready to be hung on your wall.


How you can add a touch minimalism to your home

There are many different ways to add minimalism wall art to your home. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Hang a minimalist painting or photograph on a wall in your living room, bedroom, or office. Choose a piece that has a simple, geometric composition and a limited colour palette, and consider framing it in a clean, modern frame.
  2. Add minimalist wall decals or stickers to your space. These are an easy, affordable way to bring a touch of minimalism to your walls without committing to a more permanent art piece.
  3. Use minimalist wallpaper to create a cohesive, minimalist aesthetic in your space. Choose a pattern with simple, geometric forms and a limited colour palette, and consider using it on a single wall or throughout your entire room. 

Our favourite pieces of minimalism art at Gioia

Minimalism art comes in many different styles and forms, and at Gioia, we have a huge range available to you. Here are some of our absolute favourite pieces available to buy online now.

Aerial Silk Set of 2

American, Espresso, Iced Latte Set of 3 Prints

Architectural Minimalism Print

Beige and Black Minimalist Print

Blue Coastal Sky Print

1989 Hoffman Print

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