The Biggest Interior Design Trends of 2023

The beginning of a new year is often the time that many of us use to reinvigorate and refresh ourselves, our mindsets and our goals. We see this time of year as the time of change and new beginnings and the way we harness this change can be in numerous ways, including by refreshing our home interiors.

At the commencement of a new year, interior design trends emerge and whether you think you subscribe to trends or not, they can be hard to ignore, eventually filtering into your home and life in one way or another.

After many of us spent the last few years creating a soothing colour palette in our homes, in the post-pandemic world of 2023, experts are predicting a time of change, from the cool, calm and collected to statement making individualism and elements of the natural world around us.

So, whether you’re dying to breathe new life into your home, or you just want to keep up with the latest trends in interior home design, keep reading to learn about 10 of the biggest design trends predicted by the experts.

10 Design Trends of 2023

Rich & Decorative Classic Design

After a few years of simple minimalism dominating the home décor and design scene, in 2023, there is a shift towards the more decorative traditional design styles of Art Deco, Gothic design and mid-century. Each of these design styles combine elements like dramatic and ornate detailing, darker hues, and curves – all while being highly functional and livable.

Each of these design styles also have distinct colour tones and shapes that can be introduced into your home in architectural elements, furniture design and even art too, allowing you to add them into your home as much or as little as you like. Here are some of the ways you could introduce these classic design styles into your home with wall art.

1989 Hoffman
Twisted Black and White Stripes
Golden Hour


Combining Multiple Design Styles

As much as Art Deco, Gothic and mid-century design styles have elements in common, the idea of these detail rich styles co-existing in one environment would have been unheard of until now. We’re starting to move away from the bare essentials approach of Scandinavian and minimalism design, where it can be difficult to introduce other design styles, and instead move towards combining elements of various design styles to create a space that feels like your own. Finding the key details that can tie the design styles together, like a bold colour, a texture or material, is the perfect way to layer trends – and wall art is a great way to do so.

Blue and Green Architecture
Abstract Squares Cool
Cocktail for Two


Personality Driven Maximalism and Eclecticism

The re-emergence of the rich decorative design styles and combining multiple design trends is what helps to nurture this next trend of maximalism and eclecticism that helps to showcase our uniqueness. It’s about finding the pieces that speak to you, including personal memorabilia and collections and combining them into your home décor – regardless of whether they fall into any particular design style. This provides a sense of warmth and cosiness, as well as displaying who you are through your home. Wall art can show off your eclecticism, whether its through combining different art styles in a gallery wall or just finding that perfect piece that speaks to you.

A Colourful World
Connection Brown
Abstract Trance


Bursts of Colour

From a focus of cool, neutral colour palettes, we’re now seeing the introduction of rich and dramatic colour palettes into the home. Complimenting the styles we mentioned earlier, like Art Deco and Gothic, these bold and moody colours can be used in all kinds of ways. From covering every wall of a room, to being a key accent that ties all rooms of the home together, colour can play as big or as small of a role as you wish. As we emerge from the pandemic haze of the last few years, there is a new zest for life and excitement, and even though many of us are getting out and about from our homes again, we also want to bring that life into our homes too. 

Blue Stairway
Abstract Sun in the Sky
Blue and Gold Macaw



Wallpaper has been having a moment for a while now and it continues to do so as we enter into 2023. Wallpaper is a versatile option in the home. A fast way to update a space without having to break the budget. It may even be the perfect way to introduce a burst of colour to your home. You could create a feature wall using wallpaper or create a colour explosion in a small room, like a powder room, to try out the colour trend. Wallpaper can also be a temporary yet long-lasting option. Instead of opting for the traditional paste style, you can now get eco-friendly temporary wallpaper that can easily be installed with minimal equipment required and it lasts. Here are some styles you could give a go.

Terrazo Wallpaper
Retro Garden Wallpaper
Gingko Palm Fan Wallpaper



Vintage and Sustainability

The word vintage conjures up a lot of different images, from vintage clothing to wallpapered walls we’ve seen in our grandparent’s home, but it can also be tied in with sustainability and uniqueness. After a few years of ultra-sleek modern styles, there is a shift towards individual expressionism and away from cookie-cutter and mass-produced designs. People are now craving to find well-made pieces that are going to last the long run or already have. Sustainability combined with this drive towards uniqueness is seeing many people embrace the flaws of the past and look towards either second-hand goods, those that are environmentally friendly in production, and those that have been made to last. We mentioned the warmth of personality driven home décor, and this warmth can also be seen in this move towards vintage and sustainability. The master craftmanship and the variation that comes with creating these pieces is now highly revered. Here at Gioia, we have a hand selected range of artworks that are printed or painted upon request, ensuring that we’re taking care of our environmental footprint along the way. Here are some of our favourite vintage inspired pieces.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs
Blue Peonies

Raw and Unfinished Textures

Speaking of variation, this next trend really drives it home. Raw, unfinished, natural and highly textured materials are making their way into all design elements. From the practical, like flooring, benchtops, walls and furniture, to decorative elements, like art, décor and soft furnishings. We saw glimpses of them over the last few years as natural materials can complement the softer colour palettes that have dominated. Materials like stone, plaster, fabrics, tiles and wood are all amazing ways to introduce these natural elements into the home. These finishes tell a story, there is that element of uniqueness and it can be introduced into your home in any number of different ways. A way to incorporate natural texture into your home is through art, with hand painted canvases, like the following.

A Hint of Blue
A Hint of Passion
At the Ballet


50 Shades of Brown

Whether you’re looking to add a grounding element to your elaborate decorative elements of your home, or you’re looking for a more interesting neutral shade, shades of brown are making their way into our homes. While brown is a neutral, it’s a much more warming neutral – it can go from light browns and caramel, through earthy tones like terracottas and desert red, to deep rich mahoganies. The variation in brown means that introducing it into your home, whether through furniture, paint or art, is a lot easier than you may realise.

Approaching a City
Burnt Orange Farmland


Elements of Wellness

While it can be argued that the soft and cool colour palettes that have dominated interior design over the last few years were conducive to wellness, the combination of the shift towards warmer neutral colours, like browns and raw textures and natural materials is really driving home the sense of wellness in our homes. People are more serious about creating areas in their homes that feel like an escape or an oasis away from the real world. And these design elements are key in doing so. They help to bring the natural world from the outside into our homes, leaving behind the mess, noise, and hustle of the outside world.

Abstract Minimal
A Washed Out Summer
Afternoon Walk On Byron Bay


Biophilia Bringing the Outdoors In

To complement the trend towards spaces conducive to wellness, biophilic design elements are being used to create that integrated harmony of the natural outdoors and our homes. Natural materials, natural light and being close to nature are all associated with our health and wellbeing. Over the years we’ve seen indoor plants and greenery trending, and while they continue to do so, introducing elements of the outdoors, doesn’t necessarily have to involve keeping a plant alive. Instead, we’re seeing more of the outside world being brought in through colours and decorative elements, like paintings and prints. Greens, desert scapes, earthy colours and textured artwork can help nurture a biophilic vibe.

Cactus Garden
Collision of Colour
Beach and Surfboards at Benagil Cave